Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Unease

U is for Unease. Last year I had such a huge sense of unease when a writing friend of mine who I had sent the synopsis of the first book of my trilogy to, said that the soul part of it reminded her of the Potter Books. After that I was unable to work on that story for days. I did not want anyone to accuse me of copying anything from the Potter books, not even by accident. I have abandoned that story until I can think of ways to make it different and unique.

I know that there will always be something in our books that reminds people of another book they have read. And we writers will just have to learn to live with comparisions. Similarities need not be because one writer has copied another. It could be because they have thought along the same lines.

How do you tackle the unease that happens when people say that your story reminds them of some other story?

Note: this is my post for the A to Z Challenge. My theme is Emotions and Feelings writers experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Trust

T is for Trust. Whether our confidence level is high or not, whether we are feeling optimistic or not, one thing is certain, our trust in our ability to tell a story is always humming through our blood.

Deep down every writer trusts his/her ability to write stories that readers will love and create characters that readers will adore. Perhaps, that is the reason we stick on to our writing.

Though at times my confidence and optimism levels touch rock bottom. I trust my ability as a writer to write good stories that will entertain readers.

We trust other writers when we send our books to them for critique and feedback. Sadly, an Indian writer (thank God, she is not my crit partner) and a writing friend thought that my critique of her short story was to put her down and not for the betterment of the story. Her lack of trust hurt me. I had edited her story, rewritten it in places. It won a prize in the competition. She refused to acknowledge my assistance and infact denied it altogether.  

How high is your trust in your ability as a writer? Has someone's lack of trust hurt you?

Note: this is my post for the A to Z Challenge. My theme is Emotions and Feelings writers experience.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sadness

S is for sadness. Some times for reasons we just can’t identify a strange melancholic feeling creeps up on us and catches us in its grip. Many things make me sad.

When a trilogy I have enjoyed reading ends I feel sad that I won't be meeting the characters again. Tragic endings make me sad. Manuscripts that don’t find a publishing house make me feel sad. All my hard work and no takers. When I see good books losing out to not so good books written by the bigger writers, I feel sad.

 When I read harsh reviews for other writers' books I feel sad for the other writers. 
When characters I have started liking in books die, I feel sad. If my writing is going slow, I feel a little sad. 

I try to fight the sad feelings all the time. I must be coming across as a very sad person, right. Thankfully, these sad feelings are fleeting and I soon bounce back to my cheerful self.

Are you all accosted by sad feelings in your writing world? What makes you sad? How do you push the sad feelings away?

Note: this is my post for the A to Z Challenge. My theme is Emotions and Feelings writers experience.