Friday, September 2, 2011

My September Goals

My Crit Partner, Kim Koning, in her interview on my blog  mentioned that she writes  3 foolscap Morning Pages with pen and paper every day. She was inspired to do this through reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  Julia  advises one to write, longhand, 3 foolscap pages of streamlined consciousness which basically means whatever is in your brain.

I made this one of my September goals. I started it yesterday (September 1st). Unfortunately, with my schedule, for many days of the week I will be writing those 3 foolscap sheets  late at night). I wrote the first 3 pages last night and I restricted it to the Magic Spirit series I am planning. I plan to do this exercise for the entire month. If nothing else, I will have 90 foolscap sheets full of ideas at the end of the month.

It was an interesting exercise. My brain threw up many possibilities for the entire series. Plenty of scenes (though at this stage they are quite blurred) emerged. As did few small characters. I  hope that while reading the previous day’s 3 sheets, my creative juices will kickstart in a big way. This exercise has got me pretty excited.

Hopefully, I will plot out the Middle Grade Paranormal Series I have planned from a long time, this month. I would also like to finish the major rewrites of the first book of the series by the end of the month.

There are atleast four books on my tall TBR pile  that I want to read this month. These books have been gathering plenty of cobwebs. So I feel its time to tackle them. The books are:

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

The Last Judgement by Iain Pears

A Girl and a River by Usha K.R

What are your September goals? Please share them with us. We hope we can motivate you in some way into achieving them.


  1. Since I am moving this month, I know my writing goals will take a direct hit but I do plan on attending a writer's group in a few weeks in Texas.

  2. I've just released my first two novels as ebooks and all my time is being devoted to promoting them especially the omnibus edition, The Whole Truth. And I have a 1050 page book to read and review. That's enough for now.

  3. Finish my novel and start planing what I want to write for NaNoWriMo in November. Good luck with your goals, Rachna!

  4. What a great idea! I'll have to try that if I'm feeling a little writer's blockish. Have a great weekend, Rachna!

  5. My September goal is write about 60,000 more words and finish my second novel. Its been a decent week with about 6,000 words and three chapters so far. Next is to sell out of the original print run of Requiem. I have 20 copies left and a book signing in two weeks. Another goal is to get my logo completed followed by the photo shoot to do the cover of Guardian. Its going to be busy, but worth it so Guardian will be ready for a holiday release.

  6. I went through the Artist's Way a few years ago. It was great inspiration for getting words down on paper. (Hmmm, maybe I should pick it back up again?!) This Sepember for me? Queries, queries, queries!

  7. This September for me: finish my revision.

  8. Wishing you success with getting those three pages done everyday. I am to do another round of edits on two stories and complete a third. Plus, there's the publicity I need to be working on.

  9. This is an interesting exercise. I wish you well with it. My September goals? To knock the stuffing out of my gigantic to-do list. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Sounds like a cool exercise! I am getting ready to do some free form brainstorming myself to get some plot lines out of my brain.

    Also, I've read Tuesdays with Morrie; it's really good.

  11. It came handy to my rescue....for September plan. I hope to wish it can enlighten my spirit, Thank you...will try to be in your shoes.

  12. My September goal? Do more writing and less goofing around. :)

    My friends and I are coming up with a deadline to help motivate ourselves to finish our WIP. So I've been writing a lot lately, and sadly, because there's not enough time in a day, I haven't been able to visit a lot of the blogs I follow. But something's gotta give, and my WIP has been ignored all summer long so it's really time for me to work on it. No excuses. I'll try to keep up with everybody else, but the reality is, I'd probably be MIA online most of the time.

    Btw, that's a great idea--writing down whatever's in your brain. It's good exercise. I used to do that when I was still keeping a journal. It was very therapeutic and calming.

    Have a great weekend, Rachna!

  13. Impressive that. Hope you make them - or most of them.

  14. Hi Friends..its nice to see that all of us have some goals or the other, if not the actual writing goals, then its marketing or some other writing related goals.

    @ Terri..a writer's meet sounds wonderful. Hope the move to your new place is easy on you.

    @ Jim...wishing you luck in your book promotion. 1050 pages, that is a huge book.

    @ Laura...hope you finish that novel.

    @ try the 3 foolscap sheets. Its a good exercise.

    @ have a tough task ahead of you. Best of luck. Gald to hear that the original print run of Requiem has nearly sold out.

    @ Kenda...I will be looking out for the book Artist's Way. Have heard lots about it.

    @ Michelle....good idea to get done with the revision.

    @ J.L Campbell... hope the publicity goes well for you.

    @ list too is long, but I am targeting the important stuff.

    @ Alexia...I too am trying to get lots of plot lines out of my brain. Hope we both manage to do that.

    @ Manish...sometimes making a plan for the month and sticking to it can be beneficial.

    @ Cherie....its always good to concentrate on writing and less on other activities. I hope I can manage to do the 3 foolscap sheets everyday.

    @ Dave....I am hoping to get through all my September tasks.

  15. You are an avid reader Rachna...tell us about good ones after you finish.

  16. That’s great, Rachna! I’m inspired to try the same now. I loved Tuesdays with Morrie. Tell us how you like it.

  17. I really enjoyed Julia Camerons books- The Right to Write is good too. :)
    I did "morning pages" for a couple of years it is a rather soothing exercise- maybe I'll get back to it!! Thanks Rachna.

  18. I will be intrigued to see how the foolscap experiment continues, Rachna, as it sounds as if it already has been a success. One of my goals for September is to continue developing a marketing plan for my historical YA, so it will be ready in case (Oh, joy!) I receive The Call. Wishing you a great day, Michelle

  19. I love doing this kind of streamline writing. I've not scheduled it in as a regular thing though and I do love that idea.