Friday, February 17, 2012

What does Blogging Mean to me ?

When I started blogging, nearly two years back, I barely knew what blogging was all about or what I would blog  about twice a week. Infact, I always thought I would stop blogging a few months down the line.

But, it’s my 23rd month and I have continued with my blogging and have gathered a vast number of amazing writers in my friends circle.

Blogging for me initially was a platform building tool as I was advised by someone who I consider a writing mentor that agents looked for a writer’s online presence. So, reluctantly I took the plunge.

I was extremely nervous for the first few weeks. I would spend days planning a post. I am sure I could have written a manuscript or two in the time I took to plan and write posts. Slowly, I gained confidence. I started scheduling my posts.

But, as time has passed, I have completely forgotten about the building a platform part. I have connected with a whole lot of wonderful writers and bloggers from all over the world. Many of who have gone out of their way to help me. I even met my two crit partners through my blog.

Blogging for me is also a way to discuss all things writing related. I just cannot discuss this with my non-writing friends who all find excuses to do a million things they have left halfway through, when I mention plots, characters, humour, resolution, edits or revisions.

Blogging has taught me more about the craft of writing than the three craft books I possess. Every blogger is an angel in disguise, eager to help out, support, encourage and promote another writer. We have all shared whatever we are learning in our writing journeys. Bared our hearts, exposed our fears and frustrations, shared our good news with each other.

Over time Blogging has become a way of connecting with other writers from all over the world.

Nowadays, I feel I am kind of addicted to you all wonderful people who live inside my computer. If I don’t get visits from you all, I feel kind of low. If I don’t drop in to your blogs, my day is incomplete.

Why did you all start blogging? Was it just to build a platform? Or was there another reason for it? What does blogging mean to you? Have your views about blogging changed with time? We all would love to know your views.
P.S. Is anyone else having a problem with certain websites and blogs (Samsung mobiles, Nokia and few florists) leaving their ads in the comments section? Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem? As none of these blogs are my followers, I can't even block them.


  1. Rachna, this is such a nice post coming straight from the heart. Honestly except for making notes on my many journeys , I never wrote except for technical journals in the Navy once in a while. My experience is just like yours and I am just about seven months into blogging and find myself in a cradle where so many bloggers come to keep nudging me occasionally to not go into slumber:)

  2. I started blogging both for platform and to connect with other writers. I am so glad to have found a blogging buddy like you! Your posts are always helpful and full of advice.

  3. I didn't start blogging to build a platform. I didn't even know what a platform was at the time. I started because of a friend I met though a website who had a blog, which I read and decided I'd like to have a blog. I still don't see it as much of a platform building effort. I just like doing it. And, yes, I've "met" many people through blogging. Yes, it's nice to exchange ideas and share our tales of woe or joy.

  4. Hi Rachna .. you ask about ads popping up - this blogger if you search him .. may be able to help -

    This post by Chuck may perhaps apply .. I'm not sure ..

    It's a nightmare and I just keep my blog simple!

    Connection with others is the thing and we learn so much - from around the world ..

    Cheers Hilary

  5. I don't have a problem with adds or spam in my comments. Maybe one or two a year but that's all. You must have been placed on a emailing list. Darn spammers!

  6. Such a nice heartfelt post Rachna. Blogging for me is sometimes the most exciting part of my day. It's what constantly keeps my mind working because we're always looking to find content ideas in least likely places. Blogging makes me feel like I'm doing more with my life than just the 9-5. Blogging makes me happy.

  7. Hey Rachna! I did start out blogging (because my crit partner, Beth Revis made me) but now it is all about the love and support we give to each other. If something happened and we lost all internet, I would be lost without all my cyber friends, including you. I so appreciate your comments on my blog and all the support.

    It has truly been rewarding. So I love writing and networking is important, but the friendships I have made will last forever.

  8. Rachna, congrats on two years of blogging. It's a serious achievement so pat yourself on the back.

    I started blogging because Maria Schneider, the former editor of Writers Digest, would nag us all on the forum about how we needed an online presence. She went on and on until I finally gave in. Then when I did I realised how much fun it was. Like you, I met so many wonderful people and connected with so many like minds. It's been a blessing to have this experience.

    I haven't been around much the last few months, because of other pressures in life that have kept me away, but I'm trying to come back slowly but surely.


  9. Hi friends,its nice to see that all of us not just enjoy blogging, but are addicted to it. I have seriously forgotten about the platform building part, I just enjoy connecting with other writers from all over the world and getting to know all of them better through their blogs :)

  10. I started blogging because I was "supposed to." It was what writers did, right? I already had a personal blog, and enjoyed it, so I figured I'd enjoy a writing blog too.

    And then I realized I loved it. I loved the things I learned, even from writing my own posts. I loved making friends through blogging and seeing what other bloggers had to say. I now blog because I love it-- and I love the people I've met through it!

  11. Loved this post and reading about what blogging means to you. For me blogging was a way of writing every day and connecting with like-minded people.

  12. I'm glad you wrote about this interesting subject, Rachna. I started my blog a year ago to connect with other writers in meaningful ways. I also blog to have an outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I also have a passion for literature and appreciate the opportunity to share my insights about the stories I enjoy reading.

  13. I started to build a platform too, but it's morphed into so much more now.

  14. Nice to read about why you started blogging. Such a lovely heartfelt post. Thanks a lot :)

  15. Yes, I have heard that writers need to build a platform, so they should have a blog or be on Twitter. Great post!

  16. I enjoyed hearing a bit of your history and angle on blogging. It is a wonderful thing - a tool to learn, a means of connecting with others, and so many other good things. Congrats on nearly two years! :)

  17. My 2 years is coming up at the end of March. We must've started around the same time!

    I felt the same as you when I started blogging! I wanted my posts to be as good as possible so people would want to read my blog. Once I found my blog friends, I relaxed a whole lot.

    I started blogging because I wanted to connect with other writers and hear their stories and glean as much writing advice as possible. Blogging has helped my writing and it's great to have other writing buddies who are going through the same things I am!