Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays and a Blog Break

This will be my last post of 2012. Writing wise I had a good year. I wrote a lot. The query process taught me several useful lessons which I hope to incorporate in my next lot of books. I took part in a few blogfests, made lots of blog buddies. I learnt a lot from the online writing community. And hopefully I was able to share something useful.

Forgot to tell you all that I won loads of books; the hard copies as well as the ecopies.  I even managed to read quite a few of them.

Next year I want to pursue my goal of publishing more seriously. I want to think of the other options available to writers. To be honest, I need to spend some time thinking of these options. I have decided to talk with other writers and find both the pros and cons of these options.

Can you believe it, I did not end up on Santa’s Elf Pete’s Nice person list. Not one of my dear writer friends nominated me. Sigh. I hoped atleast one person would put my name there. Well, I will try hard to be on that list next year.

I plan to catch up with my reading in the next few days. I will ofcourse be writing. What are your holiday plans? Reading? Writing? Travelling?

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you all in the first week of January 2013.


  1. Hope next year is YOUR year!
    Sorry, I didn't participate in the Elf blogfest. You would've been on my nice list though.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Best wishes , Merry X Mas and A Happy New Year, Rachna:)

  3. Merry Christmas Rachna. I did crit partners for my list. If I hadn't felt I needed to do crit partners, you would have been on my list. Merry Christmas. I have one commitment (I promised the person last night) for Christmas Eve then I'm breaking for two weeks! Yippeeeee.

  4. I nominate you for Santa’s Elf Pete’s Nice person list now.
    Congrats on winning all those ebooks and books. Have a great Christmas x

  5. Thank you friends for belatedly putting me on Pete the Elf's nice person list ;)

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families.

  6. Happy Holidays Rachna! You are so nice and I'm glad we've become friends. I did not make the list either, but that's okay.

    Hope you reach all your goals in 2013.

  7. Happy Holidays to you Rachna! And may 2013 be full of health and prosperity for you and yours!

  8. Have a wonderful holiday, Rachna! See you in 2013. :)

  9. Hope you have a wonderful and productive break, and a great year, writing and otherwise, in 2013! :)

  10. I have two weeks off. I want to read, write, and catch up on the movies in my DVR.

    Happy holidays. See you in 2013.

  11. It was nice meeting you this year, Rachna! I had fun reading your posts and reading your comments on my blog! Happy holidays!

  12. Have a wonderful Blog break and a really fulfilling Christmas - and not just in the culinary sense.

  13. I didn't do that blogfest, but you would have definitely been on my nice list!! Have a great holiday and I look forward to hearing about your publishing goals in 2013.

  14. If I had taken part in the Help the Elf blogfest, I would've named you, Rachna.

    Enjoy your break and may 2013 bring you much success!


  15. Have a great holiday Rachna. See you next year.

  16. Happy Holidays and cheers for your 2012 and 2013 writing goals!

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  18. interesting post.. have a beautiful holiday

    happy newyear


  19. Hope to read you in 2013. have great year ahead Rachna.

  20. Happy new year!! I hope you make the list next year :)
    I just write a business plan with goals that scare me! Writing is not only about writing.
    Enjoy the break.

  21. Congratulations on winning all those books!
    I wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year, Rachna!

  22. Happy New Year, Rachna. Hope 2013 is your big year for getting published. It sounds like you've accomplished a lot this year toward that goal. It's just a matter of time, because you're a good writer and you are focused.

    My goals for the coming year are to enter some contests (poetry), write some articles, and to get a draft finished of Book Two in my series. And, of course, I'm hoping to get Book One picked up by a publisher. Cross fingers, cross fingers. Toes, too!

  23. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!