Friday, September 25, 2015

An advertisement to sell one of my characters

I don’t know why by Friday my brain wants to take it easy. Seriously, whenever I have been stupid enough to write my blog post at the last moment, I can never think of a serious or a hard-hitting topic.  The only thing I can come up with is a fun post.

This will be a short post: an advertisement to sell one of my characters.

Name: Nina Mahtani

Age: 10 years, but very worldly wise.

External appearance: Looks like an angel, no wonder she is able to prank people, as no one expects mischief from her.

Occupation: Pretends to be a student, but is a genius prankster.

Nature: Loyal to her friends, gentle when it suits her, rest of the time she is busy cooking up a storm of pranks to play on unsuspecting people. A genius in the making. Respects creativity in other pranksters. Excellent in academics, as well as extra-curricular activities.

Dreams: Hopes the Middle Grade book in which she is the main character gets made into a movie. Has very high aspirations for herself. At the moment she is pretty disgruntled, as I have stopped querying the manuscript (I just hope that she doesn’t play a prank on me as revenge).

Reason for selling: Nina is getting very demanding. She has become an attention grabber. Even after innumerable rewrites, she wants one last makeover, because she believes her story must be read by children all over the world. I really don’t have any more time to spend on her, as my other characters need me.

Price on request.

If you all were to write an ad for one of your characters, which one would it be? I am waiting to read every one’s ad. I am sure the answers will be fun.


  1. This was so cute. You may want to listen to her, though, and give her one more rewrite and query again. She sounds like a keeper. :-)

  2. So what's the price? Are you willing to pay to sell the character, after such an intro? :P

    Destination Infinity

  3. Nicely put in the thoughts ans opinion.

  4. Nina sounds like an awesome character. This was a great post.

  5. Does she want to play herself in that movie?
    Could I sell Byron or Aden? Both are tough characters to like...

  6. I am as determined as her but I have not lived unto my expectations. What a shame!

  7. I love that she's a closet prankster. I was like that as a sour patch :)

  8. I got enough crazy characters on my own, so I'm not in the market to buy, but she sounds like a winner:)

  9. May be this could be a biblography of characters compiled by you for the next book and is sure interesting:)

  10. What fun! An advertisement is a great idea. I think this would make a great writing exercise to help develop a character too. Thanks for sharing.

  11. She sounds like a fun character. (I wouldn't sell any of mine for the world. :-))

  12. Sounds fun. I would want to read about her!