Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tell me Your Writing Dreams

This is the first time in my entire blogging life that I didn't have a post in mind. There was no topic for today buzzing inside my overworked mind. Unfortunately, I couldn't even get upset with myself as I had a pretty productive last week. I finished editing my collection of stories, finished the critique for my second crit partner’s 400 and odd page novel, finished correcting all my students’ assignments and grading them and have started brainstorming my Spirit Chronicles Trilogy.

At this point I can pat myself on my back. This post is definitely a deviation from the heavy duty ones I usually tackle. But, what the heck, I think we all deserve a break.

                   This post is all about Writing Wishes/Dreams. Let’s start with mine.
1.      I am already a published author in India, so my first wish would be to get an agent.

2.      My next wish would be to see the novel I have started querying get a publisher.

3.       My third dream would be to see my short story collection also get published. I am extremely sentimental about that short story collection.

4.      Another dream of mine, and I really don’t know the reason why I have that particular desire is to see atleast one of my books in hardcover. I have been badly hoping for that.

5.      Another dream would be to write a successful series. Well, I can wish, can’t I? It will require lots of hard work, but I am more than ready to tackle it.

6.      Whenever I see a movie adaption of a book, my heart goes into an overdrive mode. I know that it sounds greedy and over ambitious, but I would love to see a movie version of one of my books.

Its early morning in India when I am typing this post, my sleepy brain has not yet yet fully awakened while I am typing. So, if I remember any more dreams I will add them in the comments section.

Now, tell me your dreams lovely people. Feel free and please don’t restrict yourselves. I would love to know what all my writing friends/blog buddies secretly dream or wish for. We all will send loads of positive energy to each and everyone. What else does wish fulfillment require? Good wishes and positive energy from supportive and loving friends. So, get going friends. I am looking forward to reading all your dreams.

P.S. When you get the time friends, do drop in on Kim's blog -Wrestling the Muse, to read my guest  post on creating Enduring and Memorable Characters. I would love to see you all there.


Mala Khanna said...

Love this post. Its different from your usual ones, but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot. Here goes my dreams.
1. To complete the book I have started.
2. To get it published.
3 Dreaming of winning an award in my writing career.
4. Hoping I write a hindi movie script in future.

Lynda R Young said...

Yep, I have similar dreams as yours but at the moment I'd just like to get my novel published. :)

Naina Gupta said...

Well done on all the work.

I want to finish my book that I am doing now, and start on the next one.

I also hope that I stay anonymous.

gargimehra said...

Well my dream would be to write a new book or revise/rewrite one of my two novels and get it published. And yes, a movie out of a book I’ve written always remains a huge dream for me!

Sogyel Tobgyel said...

lets hope all your dream comes true......:)

Saumya said...

All of these dreams are wonderful and I'm sure you're well on your way, Rachna :). You're always helping all of us with the craft of writing and it's a matter of time until your stories are everywhere! My dreams are similar. I hope that I can just publish something someday and that readers can relate to it.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi friends....I see that most of my writing friends have dreams similar to mine. Please don't hesitate to share your dreams.

SBJones said...

My goals and wishes are coming true one at a time.
The biggest would be to finish my trilogy and it gets picked up to be made into movies.

Seeing my book for sale at Barnes and Noble happened this weekend. Not the web site, the actual brick store down the street has my book on their shelf.

Robyn Campbell said...

To be published, published, published! But even more than that, to help kids want to read. And to show them that dreams really do come true, Rachna. :-)

Kenda Turner said...

The first step in seeing a dream fulfilled is to have that dream--congratulations on all you've accomplished already, Rachna, and good luck on pursuing your additional dreams :-) Me? I dream of having at least three MG novels and three picture books (the ideas are there, just need to pull them out) published someday--and then beyond that, even more? That would be fun...

Cedric J. Sims said...

Since I was a kid (I still am at 19) I've always been into writing. Currently I'm working on a novel that's a year and a half in the works. It is highly unlikely that I'll get this one published as it is only my first novel. But one of my writing dreams is becoming a writer/director in the film industry. I've been told that the idea for my book sounds like it would be a very good movie. Any suggestions?

The Golden Eagle said...

My dreams?

1. To complete rewrites/revisions/edits on one of my novels.
2. To get an agent to represent said novel.
3. To have it accepted by a major SF/F publisher.
4. To have a movie adaptation made.

Laura Marcella said...

It would be cool to see my novels as a movie–but only if I write the screenplay adaptation! It just seems like too many great novels are butchered on screen. I'd rather ruin it myself than have someone else do it for me, haha!

I want to be multi-published in various genres. I guess that's my biggest writing dream! :)

Karen Lange said...

Dreams are a good thing. I think they help us keep going when we are discouraged. My biggest dream right now would probably be to have my WIP published.

Have a great week! :)

Shallee said...

You certainly can pat yourself on the back-- sounds like you've been hard at work!

My dreams are similar to yours. I want to get an agent and get my book published. I would love, someday, to have a reader of one of my books tell me that somehow my book touched them. That's what I love about writing-- the possibility of touching someone else's life with it.

Aron White said...

My biggest dream as a writer is to simply have a decent cadre of readers who enjoy following my work and look forward to the next book/short story, but then again, we probably all yearn for that :)

Madeleine said...

I like the sound of your cosmic shopping list. Getting published is definitely on my list, too

Misha said...

One dream, really. I want to see my books in the hands of strangers. How that happens, I'm not too fussy about. :-)

Julie Musil said...

Rachna, I hava feeling some of your dreams WILL come true! I'd have to say my dream is to publish and have my stories read and liked. Simple as that.

Life Unordinary said...

start that book. I have a few ideas that have been fermenting a while now.

Angela Ackerman said...

I like your list. Mine is mainly to see my kids holding my book, and knowing that if you have a dream, you can catch it!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Rahma Krambo said...

Dreams do come true! As you know I published my book this summer. It was hard work, but definitely worth it and it's pretty exciting to see it on Amazon.

Now I've started another book and so my dream continues--to have people read and enjoy the stories I write.

Rachna: I'm sure your dreams will come true. I believe you have what it takes.

Author of Guardian Cats

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...
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Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Hi Rachana,
This is really a wonderful post.
Great and wonderful list.

Dreams of a writer!!!
indeed that will be endless.
Yes, my dreams too are endless.
Your blog space won't allow me to pen it down here.:-)

My dear friend
These lists are good and reasonable ones.
And let it come true in your life,
and Pl. don't stop dreaming!!
Dream High, so you can be sure that you
reach there one day.
Good wishes
And Best regards