Friday, April 24, 2015

The 11 Commandments of a Writer

Writing like any other profession has certain rules which writers should and must follow. I have made a list of commandments every writer should follow.

1. I shall not write to suit trends. Trends come and go. But the story in my heart that drives my passion, will endure.

2. I will not copy or lift ideas from another writer. I will work on my own ideas and if by chance I choose a theme/story/idea that has been done by other writers, I will give it my individual twist.

3. I will make Google my best friend and do all my research honestly and to the best of my ability.

4. I will worship my muse. Whenever the muse appears, I will pay him/her undivided attention and write. Maybe even offer ice-creams and chocolates and whichever other bribes work.

5. I will not stalk editors or agents on any Social-Networking platforms. Or act clingy by liking all their statuses and pictures. Or offer them home-cooked meals or pick and drop their children from school. Rather, I will ensure my writing is good enough to get me noticed.

6. I will get a critique group or maybe a couple of critique partners as critiquing is the easiest and the best way to grow as a writer, both giving as well as receiving critiques.

7. I will revise my manuscript until the Gods of Revision get bored of me and beg me to let them go.

8. I will be nice to other writers by buying their books: to read as well as give away as gifts, as this is good for the publishing industry. I will not invite bad karma by trashing their stories in my reviews.

9. I will expand my horizon by reading books. I will read atleast a dozen odd books in a year.

10. I will become a member of atleast one library in my area.

11. I will not be a sulky, grumpy writer who bad-mouths editors and agents who reject my manuscript/s or write nasty letters to them.

Any commandments you all want to add?


  1. These are all great, Rachna. I think you pretty listed everything, so I don't have anything to add. #5 was funny.

  2. Good list! Genealogy/family history bloggers should compile some commandments too.

  3. That is an excellent list!
    I'll add my writing rule - Thou shall not suck.

  4. This is a great list, Rachna! I especially liked #8 -- I buy and read a lot of books but I will only review those I can give 4 or 5 stars. A book that doesn't appeal to me may be loved dearly by other a writer puts his or her time, heart, and soul into his stories and doesn't deserve to be trashed...ever.

  5. Nothing to add here, You covered it all. I love this list! Great reminder that you help all writers by buying books. (Dangerous for me to know, though!)

  6. All good rules, but boy lots of them! I prefer just one rule....always have fun! :)

  7. Rachna, you're a wealth of writerly wisdom--so glad we are friends!

    I never write according to trends. I write what is in my heart, what my muse whispers into it. I work better with critique partners than an entire group--we get stuff done faster.

    Happy Friday!

    Elizabeth Mueller
    AtoZ 2015
    My Little Pony

  8. Hi human, Rachna,

    While my alleged human, Gary, continues to have some health issues, I have decided I shall have to take over in the interim.

    Your commandments are most noteworthy. Make loads of sense to me. I would add, when in doubt, get an animal, such as a dog, to take over the writing.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  9. Okay, I have one commandment to add, mainly for me: I shall commit to a reasonable number of blog posts a month!
    THANK YOU for inspiring me with your blog. I have been doing the A to Z on "Out of Africa" and it's been great, but a LOT of work to do a daily post. I've also written an A to Z on 26 Reasons to Blog, which I haven't posted yet. You've just saved me from committing to a three times a week post!
    Shirley Corder from
    Out of Africa - Topics from A to Z

  10. Hi, Rachna,

    I love these.... What a great creed to write by.... Well done!

  11. These are all wonderful and honorable.

  12. Yes Mam, I promise to try to keep all of them in mind tooo :)