Wednesday, January 8, 2020

January 2020 IWSG post and How my Writing Journey Started

The first IWSG of 2020 is here. A new year. 12 months of new opportunities and growth. 365 days of writing and reading. 2020 somehow has a nice ring to it.
Insecure Writers Support Group or IWSG is an online group of writers posting on the first Wednesday of the month. Our posts can be on any aspect of our writing, a complain or a celebration, an achievement or an anxiety. But we insecure writers are smart, we often make the IWSG question of the month the focus of our post.

The IWSG website is a wonderful source of information. IWSG has a Twitter Pitch Event coming up on 15th January. Do check the website for more details on how to participate.

IWSG is the brainchild of one of my favourite bloggers - Alex J Cavanaugh, Alex has several bestsellers to his credit: CassaStar, CassaStorm, CassaFire and Dragon of the Stars and more on the anvil.

January 8 question - What started you on your writing journey? Was it a particular book, movie, story, or series? Was it a teacher/coach/spouse/friend/parent? Did you just "know" suddenly you wanted to write?

I think it was my degree in Journalism and Literature in college that started my writing journey. I also think the seed for my writing dream must have been sown in my childhood, when my grandmother narrated a story while making me eat everyday. My voracious appetite for stories made her run out of new ones, so she would narrate the same story for a week, changing the ending every day.

As for the book, movie, story or series, I want to write them all ;)