Wednesday, November 3, 2021

My November IWSG post and writing blurbs


Last month I wrote a couple of picture books, researched for a non-fiction book and wrote a few chapters of a creative non-fiction book. I also caught up with my reading and followed up with a few editors who had my submissions.

Sadly, I had to yet again postpone my participation for NaNoWriMo as November also has our main festival Diwali, its tomorrow - 4th November. The days preceding Diwali are hectic, shopping, pujas, cleaning the house, distributing sweets, making rangolis, visiting friends and relatives, the innumerable phone calls, the list is endless. This continues for a few days after Diwali too.

IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) is an online group of writers posting on the first Wednesday of the month.

IWSG was started by Alex J Cavanaugh. Alex is the author of Amazon Bestsellers: CassaStar, CassaStorm, CassaFire and Dragon of the Stars, and many more on the way. Do visit the IWSG website for more information on this wonderful group and some writing related posts. Don’t forget to visit Amazing Alex’s blog and to read the other IWSG posts here.

November 3 question – What’s harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb?

The awesome co-hosts for the November 3 posting of the IWSG are Kim Lajevardi, Victoria Marie LeesJoylene Nowell Butler, Erika Beebe and Lee Lowery!

Writing the blurb. Titles come to me very easily, its as though someone dropped them into my head. Writing the blurb makes me tear my hair out in frustration, I have to do several versions and revise and tweak so often that I go mad. Even then, I’m never happy with the blurbs I have written. I feel my blurbs just don’t do justice to my story.

What about you all?