Wednesday, June 1, 2022

My June IWSG Post and when the going gets tough while writing

May was a hectic month for me, I spent the first ten days going over the edits and proofs of my new book, a collection of animal stories titled ‘Chaos in the Jungle and Other Stories,’ published by Ukiyoto Publishing. It released around 11 May (the kindle version) and 14 May (paperback). This was the book for which I had signed the contract in April 2022.

I just saw that amazing Alex Cavanaugh has already given my book a shoutout on his blog in his previous post about new releases. Thankyou Alex, you truly are a gem of a person.

Then in the last one week I have been going through the edits of my non-fiction book, the editor sent me the first edit copy for review. This book will release in August to celebrate India’s 75 years of independence.

 I’m also revising my fantasy novel with my editor’s suggestions. This book is heading for a July release. Will share both these covers in a few weeks.

Things are normal here in India, though I’m always wearing a mask when I step out of my house, some people aren’t. Hope we have left Covid19 far behind us.

All too soon we dropped into June and its time for IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group). IWSG started by Alex J Cavanaugh, the author of Amazon Bestsellers : CassaStar, CassaStorm, CassaFire and Dragon of the Stars. Hop over to the IWSG website for some amazing posts and do try to support IWSG members by visiting their blogs and commenting on their IWSG posts.

June 1 question - When the going gets tough writing the story, how do you keep yourself writing to the end? If you have not started the writing yet, why do you think that is and what do you think could help you find your groove and start?

The awesome co-hosts for the June 1 posting of the IWSG are SE White, Cathrina ConstantineNatalie Aguire, JoyleneNowell Butler, and Jacqui Murray.

For my love story I got so badly stuck that I wanted to shelve that book for some time, at one point. But luckily for me, I continued writing and constantly motivated myself that I could work through that roadblock and writer’s block (I had got stuck at a very crucial point in the book). That book was and is very close to my heart, there was no way I was giving it up for anything. I feel we should just keep writing and the knots will start untangling.

What about you all?