Friday, December 6, 2013

Effective marketing strategy to give books visibility

A writing friend and I were discussing how the actors market their movies. Everyone is aware of the forthcoming releases. The marketing budgets for movies is mind boggling. What I am trying to say is that there is heavy duty marketing done for movies. Writers work as hard as actors, I think we lose out because writing is not a glamorous profession and not everyone likes to read. They would rather watch a movie.

Both publishers and authors can do a lot to market the books. I am sharing a few ideas.

   1. Putting up posters in schools and colleges and other frequently visited places is a good idea for spreading the word around. A writer had put her book posters in a multiplex.

   2.  Publishers can approach schools with offers of huge discounts if bulk orders are placed. Many schools distribute books as prizes.

    3. Approaching librarians and talking with library owners about our books is another smart marketing strategy.  Many prefer to borrow books from the library than buy books. But atleast the book is read.

    4. Organizing book  reading and signing sessions in bookshops is a wonderful idea. If this can be combined with a themed event (like my publisher did for my books) its super.

    5. Arranging for author interviews with several newspapers does its bit in spreading the word about our books.

     6. Sending out free copies to newspapers for reviews. The books can also be given to columnists whose columns have a wide readership.

     7. An author I know promoted her book on radio. Local channels like (FM, 94.3) have a fantastic reach. Unfortunately my publisher just did not tap that media. Radio contests with the book as prize would have worked wonderfully well. People are listening to the radio all the time: while driving and at home. And who doesn't like a free book.

     8. Organizing readings and visits to schools is a great opportunity. This is one of the best ways for children’s books to reach their readers.

     9. Blog posts about book releases and Tweets are effective Internet mediums to bring the book to the notice of people inhabiting the virtual world. As are like pages on Face Book. Blog contests and giveaways are a great way of spreading the word around.

    10. One Indian publisher put up ads about their forthcoming book on MTV.

    11. The same publisher also placed newspaper ads.

Do you believe in the adage that effective marketing sells more copies? What does good marketing mean to you? Any ideas you would like to share about marketing?

P.S. This is one of my earliest post I am reposting.


  1. Hi, Rachna,

    Considering how many things demand our attention, it is sensible to market in ways that will help us find readers. I haven't done radio at all, but did do an interview on local television last year. The result was that the national library service ordered 60 copies of one of my books.

  2. In an ideal world, our readers should market our books. The job of an author/publisher is to reach the book to those first few readers. That's what they should be doing through marketing.

    Using marketing to sell every copy is a flawed strategy (IMO). There is no way an author can become profitable this way. Secondly, marketing is not a cover for average writing. If we admit it, we'll start writing better, next time.

    Destination Infinity

  3. An ad on MTV? Wow. I'd take one on the SyFy channel. It would be better quality than their movies...

  4. Marketing is something I'm not good at. I must try harder.

  5. Free downloads on Kindle if you've got your book in that format. It really does help spread the word.

  6. Those are some good ways to get noticed. I've heard it takes a person seven times to see something before they really look at what's being sold to them. Getting the word out any way possible (without spamming, of course) can help.

  7. Great post on a variety of ways to market books! I have done a few of these, but I need to do more, especially when my next book comes out. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Thanks for reposting this. I don't think I've seen this before. Great tips.

  9. Once upon a time, books, magazines and newspapers were never marketed. Interested people sought them out and read.

    Thanks to competition and the changing modern definitions and interpretations of "success", creative arts need to be showcased and marketed.

    I sometimes wonder don't these sales functions cut into the actual creative abilities of writers?

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  11. A lot of food for thought, Rachna:)Late in reading this one!

  12. These are great ideas! I need to do more marketing for my book so this list will come in handy. Thanks a bunch!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi friends, thank you for chiming in. Marketing is something I am not good at. I have decided to help my publishers as much as I can to ensure that my books get the visibility and get noticed by readers.