Friday, June 20, 2014

Guest post with Rajesh from Destination Infinity

Today, I have a guest post with my blog buddy Rajesh from Destination Infinity. He has just published his second book 'The Archers Revenge'.

I took the decision to self-publish my first book because I had absolutely no contacts in the literary world. And the idea of spending countless hours sending my manuscript to various publishing houses and waiting for a reply, didn’t appeal to me! Besides, my book was tourism-related and targeted readers from abroad, visiting India. Hence, self-publishing my book as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle platform seemed to be the most attractive option.

Trust me when I say this: Self-Publishing an eBook today is very simple. Anyone who knows how to use a word-processor (MS Office, Libre Office) can publish their own eBook. Ok, a book needs a cover picture and for that I used the Amazon book cover creator, using a photo that I already had. Longer books might need an editor and you can hire one. For publishing on the Amazon Kindle, one doesn't even need an ISBN – Amazon automatically gives you an ASIN.

In short, self-publishing an eBook is the EASIEST thing to do. If your only goal is to become a (self) published author, that will be sufficient. Frankly, that's what my goal was, when I wrote my first book.  Of course, if my book proved to be helpful to a few people visiting India, that would be great.

Here is the blurb of his latest book 'The Archers Revenge'.

Aryan’s father is killed by a powerful Minister. No one, including the Police, is ready to help him get justice for the death of his father. Can the Minister be allowed to get away with a murder just because he is powerful? What can a mere unarmed individual do? 

Aryan realizes he is not totally unarmed – he had been training to get an Olympic medal in Archery. Can one man with bows and arrows be able to bring a powerful Minister, protected by the Police, down to his knees? Can archery win against guns and might? 

Set in contemporary India but written for International readers, this tale is bound to change your perspectives about a number of things in life. Underdogs are not always underdogs. Friends are not always friends. Destiny never favors only a few.

The Archers Revenge on Amazon

Here is wishing Rajesh lots of success.

If anyone wants to read the novel, 'The Archers Revenge', please mail Rajesh at 

He will  send you the soft copy (Amazon Kindle formatted) eBook. As he doesn't want to sell to friends, and friends of friends. 


  1. Glad to hear Rajesh found self-publishing fairly easy to do. And I would have loved a book about India before I went there to visit. Congrats on your new book.

  2. If anyone wants to read the novel, 'The Archers Revenge', please mail me -

    I'll send you the soft copy (Amazon Kindle formatted) eBook. I don't want to sell to friends, and friends of friends :)

    Destination Infinity

  3. Really interesting premise. Congratulations on taking the plunge, Rajesh!

  4. Great description. All the publishing options out there are making things easier for authors.

  5. It sounds like a great story!
    Congratulations Rajesh!
    Writer In Transit

  6. Congrats, Rajesh! I think publishing the book is often much easier than marketing it. :)

  7. Congratulations to Rajesh. Yes, some books are better self-published because they have such a niche market.

  8. Hi friends, its nice to see new writers take the plunge into publishing. Amazon has made it easy for writers to publish their work. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Glad to hear that self-publishing worked so well for him. I'm certainly considering it myself:)

  10. So pleased you took the plunge, Rajesh. I wish you every success.

  11. Very informative post! Congratulations Rajesh for publishing your book. Good luck!

  12. Congrats to Rajesh. I like that thought: Underdogs are not always underdogs...

  13. Congratulations to Rajesh on his second book. Probably a travel book was a good way to jump in and learn the ropes. Best wishes for reaching a wide audience for both books.

  14. Congratulations to Rajesh! Wishing him all the best. Thanks, Rachna, for the introduction.

  15. yes, self-publishing is easy, but for fiction, i sure hope indie publishers use an editor and aren't just putting it out there because they can...

    i love that Rajesh published a book for tourists in India - those are great things to have when traveling, especially if you have native perspectives!

    and the new novel sounds good! congrats!

    Rachna - thanks for your sweet comments on my Broken Branch Falls blog tour!

  16. I think the real work begins after you publish, but it's great to have self-publishing as an option. It suits some books better. All the best, Rajesh!

  17. Hi Rachna,

    Thank you for bringing this awareness of Rajesh.

    Good sir, Rajesh, a brave move going the self-publishing route. I like your altruistic angle. To me, the main thing is to share and I'm okay being not published. Well done to you.

    Congrats and much fulfilment with your book.

    Thank you, Rachna.


  18. This was a great read and thank you Rachna for this post which serves as a guide too! Missed reading your posts while I was away:(

  19. Archer's Revenge sounds like a gripping read! Thank goodness for separation of church and state, enough people died in the dark ages over that!

    BTW, intriguing on the process of self-publishing, here I had thought formatting was a monster to take on...