Friday, September 19, 2014

Finally I joined the Twitter bandwagon

After procrastinating for a very, very, long time, I finally took the Twitter Plunge. The reason I delayed my entry onto the Twitter bandwagon was due to the fact that I did not know what I would tweet about. To tweet or not to tweet was my dilemma!

This week I finally made up my mind and decided to join twitter. On Wednesday, my favourite day of the week (two days down and two more to go for the weekend, that’s why I love Wednesdays) I quietly created my Twitter Profile. And also hesitantly made a few tweets. And followed a few close blog buddies. So far so good. I have survived two days on Twitter without making a fool of myself.

As it’s a new platform for me, I am concerned about my ability to handle it. And I also hope and pray that Twitter does not take over my time. That I get sufficient time to write and work on my stories.

Here is my Twitter handle.

For those of my blog buddies who are on Twitter, any tips, suggestions and advice for me? Do I have to follow everyone who follows me? What shall I tweet about? How often should I tweet? 


  1. I am there on twitter, but only namesake. I have set up feedburner to auto tweet my blog posts. I don't want to be in too many social networks. That's why I didn't install whatsapp on my mobile too! FB and G+ are fine enough for me. But all the very best to you. I hope you'll enjoy and find it useful to your work :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Welcome to the club! You may be as active as you would like to be:)

  3. Welcome on board... :)

    You are not following me, though you said, you are. May be the click didn't register. I am now following you. You will get a notification in your email.

    My twitter handle is "bpradeepnair"

    On the Twitter page, you can see the people whom you are following and the people who are following you.

    The only problem, like in Facebook, is that when you start following too many people, you begin to lose track of the updates of people whom you are following.

    So, like in Facebook you can create lists: like authors, family, friends, celebrities etc... When you click on the link you can see all the tweets. Those lists can be private or public.
    I have many lists: one of the News: the link is:
    If you subscribe to it, tweets in my list will be visible to you as well.
    You can see my lists on the left side.

    Twitter is referred to as a microblog. It's really micro. Tweeting improves one's ability to express concisely.

    Happy tweeting... :-)

  4. I struggled with this for a long time before joining too. Just followed you. I mostly just post my giveaways for now. Since Rudy died, I've been too busy to get on there or Facebook much. But I have created lists and mostly if I go on stick to a big author friend list. You're on it!

  5. I'm on twitter @cathconstantine and it's kind of silly. 140 characters to tell something. I most like to post quotes and pictures and sometimes promote my books, but I doubt it helps with sales, just let's peeps know I write books. I followed you!

  6. I'm a reluctant tweeter too. But NO, you don't need to follow everyone who follows you. One time I tweeted about my blog post titled "Girls Gone Silly" and wound up with a number of followers who are into pole dancing and that kind of thing. How they found me I have no clue except I'm sure the title which is a play on "Girls Gone Wild" hit some kind of target. Some people on Twitter have 1000s of followers and I think it's a numbers game for them.

  7. I'm still not on Twitter. Not sure if I ever will be, but I try to never say never. :)

    Good luck!

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  8. Welcome to Twitter, Rachna! I've already followed you. :) I'm @LauraMarcella. Have fun tweeting!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  9. I don't spend too much time on Twitter. It's a useful platform, but can be a major time suck!
    I'm off to follow you.

  10. Welcome to Twitter! Following you now :D

  11. You did! Great. I am there but as an inactive player.

  12. I just ran over there and followed you on Twitter. I love it there, maybe because of the 140 character limit. I use it to promote blog posts for my own blog and others and try to meet new people there. You'll find me as @PStoltey

  13. My best advice for Twitter is don't do what I do, which is hardly tweet at all because really I have very little to say in so few characters ;)

  14. Followed you! My handle is @gargimehra