Friday, March 18, 2016

My Blogging Anniversary and Peeves

When I started blogging on March 22, 2010, it was with a lot of apprehension. What will I blog about? Who will read my blog? Will anyone comment or follow my blog? I spent more time worrying than writing my first post. The first post itself had a split personality. My blogging mentor helped me shape it into a decent post. Thank you Lia Keyes for mentoring a novice like me to be a decent blogger (I hope my blog buddies think that way).

After my first post I was hooked. I still am. I admit that at times I run out of topics and drive myself up the wall thinking of new topics.

Though I have reduced the posting days from twice a week to once a week and on the first Wednesdays after my IWSG post, I skip the Friday post, restricting my posting to four times a month.

I enjoy my blogging a lot, especially the connections I have made in the last 6 years. And I look forward to visiting my blog buddies’s blogs and catching up with what is happening in their lives.

I have realized that many old-time bloggers are losing interest. Infact, on IWSG days, when I am co-hosting, I find that many bloggers haven’t posted from several months and a few haven’t posted from a year or so.

When I want to visit the bloggers who have either followed me recently or have left a comment on my blog, I find that there is no link to follow them back. I have to google their names to arrive at their blogs. Sometimes, even that doesn’t help.

And when I click the link on many bloggers’s profile pictures I gasp at the number of blogs listed under their names, most of these blogs haven’t seen a post from years. 

Then, I have to click, one by one, on all their blogs, to see in which blog they post regularly. I want to tell these bloggers to make it easy for us to follow them. They should link back to the blog where they post regularly.

Let’s not forget the bloggers who still have their word verification on. Blog buddies please make it easy for the rest of us. I wonder how bloggers like Alex Cavanaugh manage to wade through all these problems and visit hundreds of blogs and leave comments.

Do you have any blogging peeves?


  1. Yes, I agree it would be easier if people took the blogs off their list that they no longer blog at. People do come and go in the blogging world. It is a bit frustrating, but I think blogging is still a better way to make deeper friendships than Twitter or Facebook.

  2. There are so many who don't blog anymore and it's difficult to wade through several blogs trying to find the right one. Some people only blog on IWSG post day now, but if it's the one thing keeping them going, then that's fine.
    Whether verification is off or not, after visiting so many blogs in one day, it automatically comes on. On those busy days, by the afternoon, I am praying for Wordpress blogs...

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  4. There's fewer bloggers, less posts, etc now. I kind of miss the way blogging used to be, but I get it. I don't post as often myself. Writing and life, you know.

  5. I felt the same as you did. People like you are great writers. Indeed natural writers. As and when I get time, I manage to run through all the blogs in my list and learn to blog. Still I am in the process of learning.

  6. Happy blogging birthday! I think I've been at it about that long too, can't remember it's been so long. I've got the same pet peeves. I do have one inactive blog on my name, but I think I added to the title "currently inactive blog." I also post occasionally on my author website blog, hardly ever though, maybe once or twice a year. My blogger one is about once or twice a month, but when I first started out I was posting every single day. That was the heyday of Blogger, and those were pretty exciting times!

  7. HAppy birthday to your blog, Rachna and wish you many more years of successful writing in all endeavors that you pursue:)

  8. I arrived at a kind of 'run outa things to say' period. I'm trying to recover from it. We'll see how it goes.

  9. I know I don't blog as often as I used to. As Madeline says, "writing and life". But I do blog. I've been shocked at the number of blogs I've revisited only to find out that the blogger in question hasn't blogged for a couple of years. One by one, I'm "unfollowing" them, just so I can keep track of who is still active. And, yes, I agree: it's hard to know which blog to read when they have five or six. In my case, I have two know, and I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of two. (But I like them both, so I"ll probably keep posting in both, but not as often.)

  10. HI, Rachna,

    How are you? Congrats on your anniversary. We started blogging the same year! My bloggaversary is in October.

    I agree with the word verification thing. What a pain.

    You are also right that us old time blogger blog a lot less. I remember posting EVERY DAY at the beginning, and Like you I am down to three or four posts a month. Mostly helping blogger buddies with their book tours, or doing the IWSG. I need to have a feature post of interest soon.

    Life has be beyond chaotic for me, so once my life settles down, I will be blogging more often. I miss visiting my blogger buddies and having them visit me, too.

  11. I've actually been thinking exactly the same thing. A lot of people I used to know just disappeared.

    But now I'm planning to use the A to Z Challenge to find new people to follow. :-)