Friday, July 29, 2016

Where Does Inspiration Strike You?

Writers are victims of the elusive muse who appears and disappears at will. Like lightning, our muse can strike us any time, any place and anywhere. Sometimes, even twice in the same place.

My muse tends to be very generous whenever it suits him (yes, my muse is a male). Don’t ask me how I’ve come to that conclusion. I just know it. Call it a Woman’s Instinct. Just like my mom knows when I'm dodging the truth.

There have been times when I’m at a party enjoying a marathon chat session with my favourite cousins and my muse is whispering important plot points in my ears. Then, I realize that I was foolish enough to bring a tiny clutch purse which had turned up its nose at my scribbling pad and pen. Then, I quickly wipe my hands on a paper napkin and type the plot points as a message and save it on my cell phone as a draft.

Once, while having lunch with my friends, I made notes on paper napkins, borrowing a pen from a guy having a drink at the next table.

Inspiration has an amazing way of striking me when I least expect it. One of inspiration’s favourite place to visit me is when I’m on my daily morning walk. While walking the ideas keep dropping into my head fast and furious (I get grumpy during the monsoons when I’m unable to go for my regular walks).

Sometimes inspiration strikes me when I’m reading blog posts. I’m not going to name the bloggers (because they may demand a percentage of my royalty for inspiring me).

Sometimes, I feel like tying up my muse in my room, so that he is available 24/7. Sadly, that's not possible.

Where does Inspiration strike you? Which is its favourite haunt? How do you cope with its demands? Any funny incidents that come to mind? We would love to be inspired by the stories of your inspiration.


  1. I don't think I'll be one of those demanding royalties from you.
    I wish ideas hit me more often. Usually it happens when watching a movie or when playing or listening to music.

  2. Mine tends to spark when I'm outside pulling weeds or doing other yard work and am far away from pen and pencil.

  3. Just before falling asleep last night, I was struck with an idea for a story title so I got my husband to type it into his phone and email it to me. If I had tried to get my phone or fumbled around for pen and paper, I would have forgotten the idea and probably fallen out of bed in the process. :)

  4. That was a nice post which every blogger can relate to as ideas strike at strangest of times and place:)

  5. interesting post...thx for sharing!
    Have a great weekend! xx

  6. Very interesting indeed! I can relate to this. Once, I was out shopping for things we needed for a kids programme at church. I was with the vicar of the church. He is a fast walker and was a few paces ahead of me, and all of a sudden the way he looked back and said, "I thought I'd lost you Joy. I don't want to lose you!" gave me the next topic for my blog post. It was something about losing one's joy in the hustle of life. I couldn't write it down we were walking. So instead, I recorded myself on the phone so I wouldn't forget the thoughts that were flowing rather rapidly through my head.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I never really thought that I had a muse, but now I think she just doesn't come out very often, unless I need her help for a school assignment or weekly contest (when I buckle down to get an entry written). She is a little more outgoing for edits though.

  8. I've learned that I can't control it, so I just try to let it surprise me as often as it wants:) Go inspiration!

  9. Actually, my muse is pretty well caged. And I have a couple different ones. Regardless, with 4 kids, home schooling, and lots of volunteer hours, my muse gets my shower time and when I'm sitting in front of the computer. We've made it work...thought I have been known to jot down the miscellaneous note here or there.