Friday, June 23, 2017

When life throws obstacles in my way

From the past few months, life has been throwing a whole lot of obstacles my way, and these have stopped me from working on my manuscript. I have been doing so many freelance projects that I have no time to write my own stories. I just managed to work on the second draft of my love story and it took me ages to do that and I’m sure I didn’t do a great job.

I have been so late for a book review that the editor of the newspaper had to send me a gentle reminder about it. But she was also very understanding when I told her that I wasn’t well.

My books to be reviewed list is piling up. My critique partner Mark Noce has sent me his new novel for feedback.

I have ignored my blog and blog buddies’ for days. I have no clue what’s happening in blogosphere.

I feel that to cope with all my other writing and writing related activities, I need to put aside my own manuscript for a few days. That’s the only way I’ll get any work done.

How are thing with you all? How are you managing your writing with other things?


  1. Hi, Rachna,

    You sound so OVERWHELMED... Take a few deep breaths and try to relax your mind. It is HARD when you have so many pressing obligations to find the time to do your own writing.

    BUT, the good news is, you are STILL writing. Even though it may be for others, you are still using your talents. SO NEVER feel like you are not writing.

    I felt that way for a while, too. Writing for others didn't seem like I was writing at all. Now my freelance jobs are scarce and I am not motivated to write. Thankfully the wonderful comments from all of you in the last IWSG helped me through it.

    I actually penned a short for the WEP bloghop. The prompt, BRIDGES, spoke to me. I posted my entry, INVISIBLE BRIDGES, and I received some amazing comments. Now maybe I will jump back into the novella I started three years ago. I'm thinking about it.

    Hope you have the chance to pop over and read it. I know you've always enjoyed my atmospheric stories in the past. This one is similar in feeling and it may help you over your "BRIDGE" right now.


  2. I know the overwhelmed feeling. Sometimes you just have to pull back on certain things. Or say no to more opportunities. I can go for weeks not working on my own stuff when DLP duties pile up.

  3. Take care Rachna as own well being should be the first priority! None the less you have been missed on the blogosphere :)

  4. Hey Rachna hope you are well now and indeed, i took three months to wrap up a book review. Health is wealth. For myself, I started the novel again after chucking the old draft. It's been doing good with me almost nearing 50 pages. Just a question, how many edit you suggest two or three drafts. Take care. Thanks for all the motivation you gave in the past.

  5. It can be tough when things pile up and you start getting stressed. Try making a list and ranking tasks by priority. If writing must drop down on the list for a few days or even weeks, that's okay. you know you'll get back to it when the time is right.

  6. Yes, I get overwhelmed by too many contract writing jobs sometimes too. I just started a little slower period that I'm planning to keep for the summer. I hope you get things more in balance so you have more time to write.

  7. I hope you feel better, Rachna:) Make sure to take plenty of time to take of yourself:) Tea, long walks, and sleep are my go-tos...when I have the time;)