Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

British Fantasy Writer Lia Keyes, founder of Scribblerati, and host of the Scribechat on Twitter, gave me The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award on my first week anniversary of blogging. Thank you Lia. I am thrilled. This is my first writing award. Hope  more  awards  follow this one. This award will be cherished as it has come from a writing friend/mentor, and a lady I admire and respect tremendously.

I am suppose to tell you ten unusual things about myself. And pass the award  on to five more people. Here they are:

1. At any given time I am reading two books, and writing the same number.

2. I have this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to correct the spellings when my friends, or, for that matter anyone writes a letter to me. My friends who are aware of this habit, prefer talking to me, than emailing, or messaging me.

3. I have a habit of haunting people when they borrow my books. The best way to keep in touch with me is by borrowing my books. It will guarantee regular phone calls from me to check the status of the book/s.

4. I prefer to read the book first, than watch its movie adaptation. As the movies seldom do justice to the books.

5. For any series,  I am extremely particular about reading them in the order they were written.

6. I have an uexplainable  fear of snakes, lizards, and medical examinations, especially dental checkups.

7. In school I played the flute.

8. Parties bore me, the louder they are, the more bored I get.

9. For each new book I write, I am particular about using the same type of paper and pen.

10. I can eat chocolates any time of the day.

Here are my Awardees

1. Elizabeth Varadan at Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish

2. Robyn Campbell at Putting Pen to Paper

3. Sytiva Sheehan at Sytiva Painting

4. Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos at Surviving Cancerland

5. Katie Dahl at My Antiquated Cup of Tea


  1. Rachna! What a most lovely way for me to wake up today. I am truly honored. Thank you so very much.

    And I told you we are a lot alike. Same Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, same loud party boredom, I write and read two books at a time.(At least.)

    I loved learning more about you. It was a lot of fun, my friend. I treasure your friendship. =)

  2. Rachna,
    Thank you for the award, I am smiling.
    I think its funny that you haunt people who have your books.
    We all have certain "good luck tics" I call them.
    For illustrating, I use a black permanent .005 pen to start off with.i procrastinate on paperwork to great extremes if they involve applications,
    but Im slowly getting better at that one.
    Before painting I light a candle. I also love swinging lights, the kind that are not fixed to the ceiling. They create great shadows and light.
    Have a wonderful day today.
    Sytiva Sheehan

  3. Hey Robyn, I too treasure our friendship. Awards are such morale boosters, and when one has to pass it on, its really nice and there is a warm glow around my heart when I moved the award towards you all.

  4. Hi Sytiva, you are a wonderful illustrator, and
    a genuine friend. It was nice to read about your good luck tics. Hope they bring luck all around.

  5. Well, gosh! Thanks so much, Rachnia. I haven't checked my e-mail for a couple of days, and this was such a nice surprise. We do have a lot in common. I'm definitely with you on the chocolate and reading two books at a time. And I suppose writing two books at a time as well. I never seem focused on just one. And I, too, love to read a series in order. And I'm not keen on loud parties either. I immediately forget how to say anything at all and look for the nearest exit.

  6. Hey Elizabeth, we all seem to have plenty of similarities. I guess that's the reason we all get along fabulously well. Looking forward to reading the ten unusual things about you all.

  7. Very pleased to meet you, Rachna! I'll look forward to connecting with you more!

  8. So do I, Jody. Have been reading your blogs for sometime now.