Tuesday, April 27, 2010

' The Fourth Wish ' by Elizabeth Varadan

The other day I came across a lovely book, The Fourth Wish, a juvenile fantasy novel by Elizabeth Varadan. The four children in the book Melanie and her two siblings: Erin and Cory and their friend and neighbour Arthur are dealing with the usual and normal childhood problems that exist  everywhere; first crushes, sibling rivalry, life with a single parent, and a long Christmas holiday that stretches before them.

The three siblings grapple with the recent divorce of their parents and their father’s remarriage and consequent exit from their lives. Arthur’s secret longing for a mother (his own mother is dead) is heart wrenching. The characters in the book and the setting of the story have been kept  as  simple and ordinary as possible. The twin elements of simplicity and ordinariness make the book absolutely realistic and believable. A child can instantly connect with any, actually all the four characters. The 203 pages long book will definitely keep a teen, and even a pre- teen engrossed and interested for few hours.

The book starts with the four children going on a magic show. On the way they help a mysterious old lady Mrs Seraphina, the grateful old lady grants them four wishes. Each magic wish is kept inside a pretty box. The events that unfold take them a magical journey unimagined by any of them. The four kids frequently bump into the wish granter Mrs Seraphina; she delights in teasing them, and Mondo the Magician who is the recipient of their first wish. One after the other each child is granted a wish. Erin makes a spontaneous wish, while Arthur mulls long and hard over his wish. The result of Erin’s wish is the most hilarious.

Elizabeth Varadan is a former teacher living in Sacramento, California. Her other interests include painting, gardening and cooking. And, she is also keen blogger.

She can be contacted at  http://elizabethvaradansfourthwish.blogspot.com

Purchase information for the book www.createspace.com/3353849  or ,

 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1440413061/43r+cm_pdp_rev_itm_img 1

On a lighter note, if you were granted four wishes, what would you wish for?


  1. Super interview Rachna! Sounds like a book that will have to go on my TBR pile. The characters sound lively and fun. (^_^)

    Hmmm, my four wishes are: to sign with an agent, to sign with a publisher, to be published, and for everyone to love my book! Sorta what we talked about earlier, Rachna. Right??

    Your interview skills are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! =)

  2. I can imagine this must be a very gripping book... Should get hold of it, and also manage some time to read it! I like such stories which deal with every day situations and problems.

    My four wishes?...

    1) Watch the Wimbledon championship at Wimbledon
    2) Visit Sikkim and the North East
    3) Meet and talk to some of the great BBC journalists if possible at BBC
    4) Publish a book.

  3. Four whole wishes????? Um, to be a a successful published author times four! What else? ;)

  4. Thanks Robyn, Pradeep and Anne for sharing your wishes. My four wishes would be to sign up with an agent, to find a publisher, for all my books to be read and liked, and good health for my loved ones.