Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Awardees and What do Blogging Awards Mean

Young Adult fiction writer Lydia Kang gave me my second blogging award  The Versatile Blogger Award. Lydia,  a doctor, mother and writer  is a wonderwoman, who balances all her  responsibilities beautifully. Thankyou Lydia for the award!

I had secretly envied the slew of awards on my blogging friends’ blogs, often wondering when I would join them  by having if not that many, then  atleast  few awards to display on my blog. I think Lydia the telepathic doctor sensed my secret desire and  like a  good doctor quickly prescribed the remedy by giving me the award.

Lia Keyes, British fantasy writer, founder of Scribblerati,  and host of #Scribe Chat  the weekly  chat for writers on Twitter  gave me my  first blogging award  The Sugar Doll  Blogger Award within a week of my entering the world of blogs.

 I just love the idea of these blogging awards. We writers crave recognition in varied forms. These blogging awards  are a way of recognizing the time and effort we invest in creating a blog and connecting with like minded souls who share our ups and downs and become co-pilgrims in our more often uphill  pilgrimage that leads to the blissful sanctuary or shall I say temple called publication.

 Our writing friends come as blessings in disguise. Not only do they generously  share the knowledge they have accumulated in their individual pilgrimages to publication via their blogs, they also help with valuable and timely advice that brings us closer and closer to our  own tryst with publication.  I have loved visiting each  of  my blogging friends’  blogs, smiling at their humor, pondering over the questions they have asked, tucking away the  writing tips they have shared for future use, nodding at similar sentiments expressed,  often wondering what their next post will be about.  

Though I am just three months old in the world of  blogging, I have  learnt a lot : that sharing knowledge and experiences  only enhances them, that what we give to the world  returns double fold. I  am  enjoying  every moment  of  it and am looking  forward to connecting with more co-pilgrims and making more blogging buddies.

 I am supposed to pass  The Versatile Blogger Award to five bloggers.

 My awardees are

  1.  Lia Keyes at  The Scribbler
  2.  Birgitte Necessary  at  Necessary Writers
  3.  Sheryl Gwyther at  Sheryl Gwyther-Author
  4.  Victoria Dixon at  The Ron Empire Wants You
  5.  Rahma at  Guardian Cats

What has blogging  taught you? What do Blogging awards mean to you all?  Please share, we would love to know.


  1. Hi!
    Yeahee! Congratulations to everyone who has received awards!
    Very happy to see that Lia is mentioned in these awards! It is well deserved.

    This paragraph that you wrote is a reflection of you and your
    Thank you

    "Our writing friends come as blessings in disguise. Not only do they
    generously share the knowledge they have accumulated in their individual
    pilgrimages to publication via their blogs, they also help with valuable and
    timely advice that brings us closer and closer to our own tryst with

  2. Couldn't agree more! Thank you so much for honouring me in this way!

  3. G'day from Australia, Rachna!
    Thank you very much for the Versatile Blogger award.
    And congratulations to you and the other bloggers - your enthusiasm is catching!!

  4. Sytiva....thanks. Lia is the reason I am blogging. She got me hooked to the awards by giving me my first blogging award. Lia's selflessness is an inspiration for us to follow her example.

    Lia....you truly deserve the award. Your wonderful posts make me return again and again to your site.The extensive research you do for each post is mind boggling.

    Sheryl, I loved meeting all the wonderful writers you introduced to us in your blogs. And your Double Trouble game was awesome.

  5. I think you blog like a pro! Congrats on your award and congrats to those you bestowed the honor too as well! Have a great day!!

  6. Thanks so much Rachna! This is my first award and I have to admit I'm pretty jazzed about it. Although I'm not so new at blogging, I've just recently moved to Blogger.com and love it here.

    Rachna: You are so good at communicating your inner thoughts and sharing them. I love what you said here: "sharing knowledge and experiences only enhances them, that what we give to the world returns double fold." So true.

    I am also looking foward to connecting with more 'co-pilgrams' and making more blogging buddies. Lia Keyes is, of course, an inspiration to all of us and I look forward to meeting your other awardees as well.

    Thanks again!
    Have a great day,

  7. I am curious as to how this award works. I would love to award this to other bloggers, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Perhaps a post for us newbies?

  8. Anne, thanks for the compliment,I have such amazing teachers ( you all: my blogging buddies are doing a great job of teaching me well) that I find myself improving(hopefully) day by day.

    Rahma...enjoy your award. Do a post about the award, how blogging has connected you with other writers, what the award means to you and announce your five awardees in the post with links to their blogs. You can display the award on your sidebar.

  9. I read minds? Oh, yes! I do! I should put that on my CV.
    Congrats Rachna! You do deserve it, very much so.

  10. Thanks so much for this, Rachna! I really appreciate it. I've been a little swamped what with trying to take care of conference related-stuff + recent life issues, but I promise to respond blogging-wise! :)