Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Spunky Princess Clown ( Book Review )

From childhood  I have been obsessed with Princesses.  I am absolutely certain that I was a Princess in another lifetime.  Who lived in  a far away land, chatting with my handmaidens,  near a lake filled with swans,  while waiting for my Prince  to take me away on his white steed.

Reading about Princes and Princesses has always fascinated me. When I encountered Princess Clown, a chapter book  for  7-8 year olds by Australian Author Sheryl Gwyther, I was not disappointed.  I found the title unusual and fascinating. The story prompt was triggered  by  a Double Trouble Game : taking two unrelated nouns  and developing a character and story to go with it: like Princess and Clown, Frog and Guitar, Cindrella and Chips.

Princess Belle is a spunky, spirited and energetic  Princess who wears a circlet over a frizzy, orange wig, a clown’s nose on her face, yellow and red shoes with fake flowers and wants to make people laugh.  Young children will connect with this adorable princess who is determined to follow her dream of  becoming a clown and wears a clown trick ring.

This absolutely lovable Princess practices juggling peaches in the Royal Kitchen. Needless to say, disaster follows. The fun begins when the King and Queen of Danzania  arrive with their son. I won’t reveal more, you will have to read  the book for yourself. 

Though simple the story is  fast paced and extremely enjoyable. The illustrations by Sian Naylor are  wonderful and do complete justice to the story. The book is published by Blake Education as a part of its Gigglers  Series.  I just wish there will be more Princess Clown books, because once you make an acquaintance with this Princess, you wouldn’t want to leave her. Sheryl Gwyther is an author of several short stories, a novel for 10-13 year olds titled Secrets of Eromanga,  and another chapter book, Charlie & the Red Hot Chilli Pepper.

Sheryl was awarded a May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Residential Fellowship, as well as an Arts Queensland Individual Professional Development Grant. She is also a recipient of two Australian Society of Authors Mentorships.

Princess Clown is also available online or from educational retail outlets. http://www.blake.com.au/Gigglers-Blue-2-Princess-Clown-p/9781741646481.htm    
Hop over to Sheryl's webpage and blog, and believe me you will not be disappointed.

Sheryl’s  webpage:       www.sherylgwyther.net
Sheryl’s  blogs:             http://sherylgwyther.wordpress.com
Do any of you think you were a Prince or a Princess in another lifetime? Do share your Princely dreams with us.


  1. I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed my story, Rachna. I bet you'd make a fine princess, and probably a very funny clown too!
    all the best
    Sheryl G :)

  2. Great review, Rachna.

    I love Sheryl's book too.

  3. I already like the illustrations, and I'm so picky about art!
    Great review, Rachna!

  4. What a great review, Rachna. I certainly want to read that book. And what an original story. I love the idea of a princess clown.

  5. When I was young I used to WANT to have been adopted so that there was a possibility that I was really a lost princess. lol.
    Great review.

  6. This looks like such a sweet book!

    I was never obsessed with princesses but I was obsessed with princess dresses. I drew tons of them, over and over, when I was little. I took my inspiration from Elizabethan times and if you're wondering why I was so interested in that time period then I'll tell you I have no idea. I just liked those dresses with the big skirts and steel corsets.


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  8. This sounds like a really cute story!!! I love princess too and the fact I can be one in a novel is thrilling to the little girl in me.

  9. The book sounds good. Would love to read it. Thanks for a wonderful review!

  10. Thanks for the lovely review. I like your blog a lot!!!