Friday, November 29, 2013

My Sweet Blog Buddies

To be honest, I started blogging because I was told that authors had to build an online platform. So on March 22nd 2010, I started my humble blog. The first few days saw just a couple of followers with a few comments. Those days I use to blog twice a week.

Slowly as my followers (I have always hated that term, I prefer to call them blog buddies increased) I made a good connection with all of them. Though I have only met a few of them, I think of all of you as great writing friends who are now a part of my writing life.

When my blog buddies sign up with an agent, or a publishing house  I rejoice as much as them. When their books are launched, I celebrate. When they face rejection, I suffer silently with them.

I have completely forgotten the building platform part of blogging. It’s the connection I have made with each one of you that is dear to me. Blogging has given me much more than I asked for: great writing friends and critique partners who worry about my writing as much as I do, who go out of the way to help me with my writing.

What has blogging given you? What was the reason you all started blogging? Please share your views.

P.S.  The picture is of the sweet Kheer Kadam which is my favourite sweet. My dearest blog buddy Alex Cavanaugh had asked me for the picture when I had answered the question in the Super Sweet Blog Award Post. Please don’t blame if you all start drooling. It’s one of the most delicious Indian sweets. I wish I could send you all a plate full of this fabulous sweet.
Pic courtesy: A cookery blog TasteSpotting.


  1. It's amazing how many members you have. I think I have like 9! Great job!

  2. Not sure if this sweet is similar to rasagulla? It is not kept inside jeera! I would like to taste it sometime. Bring it when you come to Chennai :)

    In an author's blog, we can think about what information might be valuable/interesting to our target readers, and try to provide that from time to time. We can also write short stories similar to the story in the book.

    Occasional marketing messages won't hurt. Blogs can't be full of such messages, that's all :)

  3. Ah yes... how awesome it is that we now blog to stay connected with our friends (those former followers:)

    Oh, and don't groan... this was a very sweet post :)

    (Thank you. Thank you very much - you're a great audience :)

  4. I like blog buddies so much more appropriate for all my friends in blogland. I honestly don't know how I would cope without you all. Interesting looking sweets, would love to try one.

  5. Those sweets look like mexican merengues. I also cherish my blogger buddies, like you. Talking of which you owe me a dance at the cave and I refuse to call the party over if I dont dance with you.;)

  6. Greetings Rachna,

    I just read your comment on our good friend, Al Diaz's blog. Thus, I thought I'd come over and say hello.

    I agree with you. I do not like the word "followers" and I avoid using it.

    You can change the name on your sidebar from "Followers" to "Blog Buddies", if you so wish.

    You embrace the ideals that I cherish. It's all about the encouragement, the support, the sharing of ideas within the diversity of the blogging world, that inspires me.

    I don't think about what the total number of good folks who are linked into my site. I have had a blog for nearly seven years. The most important aspect to me is the amount of interaction I have within this thoughtful community.

    Oh my, it seems that Alex is noted everywhere. Quite right.

    What a sweet picture :) Fitting for you blog award post.

    A peaceful, positive weekend to you.

    Gary :)

  7. It just looks sweet! Thanks - now I have a visual to go with the name.
    I think I'm in the same place - heck with the platform, it's all the friends I've made and what I can do to help them that matters most.

  8. Hmmm.. I want some! Yes, I started blogging like you, but it becomes more than that, doesn't it, Rachna.

  9. Nice article Rachna.
    Agreed! I started blogging to share art and get connected to others who love the same things.

  10. I completely agree, it's about the friendships rather than the platform. I started because I was reading a couple of writers blogs, just to see what it was all about, and got drawn in. I have made some really good friends - even though I only meet up with one in person, so far.

  11. Hi Rachna,

    Just a quick, follow up comment. I noticed you have changed it to "Blog Buddies" on your sidebar :) I like that, very much.

    Thanks for linking into my site, or perhaps I should refer to it as Penny's blog.

    A peaceful rest of your weekend.

    Gary :)

  12. Like you, Rachna, I was advised to start a blog as part of establishing a platform, and it's evolved into a web of connections in a far flung community of writing friends. I love how I've met so many people in different countries with similar interests, and, like you, I take an interest in how each is doing and find them to be supportive as well.

  13. I agree - I started because I thought I should, and now I just chat with my friends I've known for years (like you!). I do go on Twitter mostly now, though, and rarely on blogger anymore. The writing community is so awesome.

  14. HI, Rachna,

    You conveyed the TRUE meaning of blogging. I Started because I wanted to connect with other writers. AND I did!

    I love this community and my blogger buddies are my family.

  15. I feel the same way about all the amazing people I've connected to. Seeing so many amazingly sweet people find success makes me believe it's possible. And the community of this group is just breathtaking.

  16. I started for the same reason and it's brought me so much more. Many hugs to you, Rachna, my dear friend.

  17. Awesome, Rachna! I feel the same way and I think that what you say echoes the experiences of many of us since we started blogging:)

  18. Hi friends, its funny isn't it how our initial purpose of creating an online platform has turned into a need to keep in touch with all our amazing blog buddies all over the world. The platform building aspect is now relegated to the background, its the connection aspect that is working big time now.

  19. I had two blogs, probably read mostly by me, before starting my current one at the suggestion of an agent.

    It's been more than a platform building tool. I have had wonderful experiences reading posts and getting to know bloggers.