Friday, November 15, 2013

What has my writing taught me?

My journey as a writer has been quite a long one. In the initial years I wrote short stories and features. Then many years later I dived into the world of  books. Over the years I have learnt several things in this journey.  I want to share these insights with my writing friends.  I am sure a few things will make you smile, and some things will make you nod your heads.

1.  Writing has taught me that writers seldom become overnight millionaires. Infact, fat paychecks and writers are like two railway tracks, running alongside and meeting in just a few cases.

2. Writing has taught me that I may be the boss where my stories are concerned but I am at the beck and call of my muse who decides that there is nothing wrong if he pops into the shower to greet me or that there is nothing wrong with a 3 a.m greeting.

3. Writing has taught me that however much I torture my characters they always have the last laugh by putting their foot down and taking the story in another direction from the one I had envisaged.

4. Writing has taught me the skills of a master juggler: trying to balance writing with life, work, friendship, blogging etc is not an easy task. This entire juggling business tires me big time.

5. Writing has taught me that I am the odd one among my friends. I go gushy mushy over books the way people fall over babies, hot guys, racing cars, bikes, diamonds and chocolates.

6. Writing has made me realize that I have more imaginary friends than a small child. My characters become my friends, sometimes reluctantly and sometimes willingly.

7. Writing has made me realize that I am a closet sadist. I enjoy torturing my characters.

8.Writing has taught me that patience, dedication and hard work will never go waste. Somewhere along the way the rewards are waiting.

9. Writing has taught me to develop a thick skin. Not everyone will like what I have written and not everyone will have favourable things to say about it.

10. Writing has also taught me to believe in my stories. There are people out there who will love my words, maybe they will get inspired by it. I owe it to them to keep writing.

What has your  writing journey taught you? Please share with us, we all would love to know.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pearls of wisdom, Rachna!Am fortunate to have found someone like you with such rich experience to guide others well:)

  2. Love the part "muse who decides that there is nothing wrong if he pops into the shower to greet me or that there is nothing wrong with a 3 a.m greeting."

    :D My favourite typical rachna cheesy humour

  3. Hey Rachna,

    Seriously, I *loved* this post. You are spot on - and I think we writers are all closet masochists, too... why do we do this to ourselves again and again :)

    Thanks for the smiles and the many "Yes"-es that I said while reading your post :)

  4. I think you've nailed it Rachna!
    Most of us can identify with your points above.
    And to be honest, I never think about monetary gain... not all of us are designed to get super rich from our writing...
    Have a great weekend.
    Writer In Transit

  5. I think, to be successful as a writer, one needs to develop a firm conviction that whatever comes in the way and whatever sacrifices they'll have to make, they will stick to writing. But this is similar to any self-made career.

    I agree that only a few writers get paid by the millions, but most of us don't write for the millions anyway :) Writing is a good enough career to keep us satisfied and manage our life independently. More importantly, we can inspire others to manage their lives better.

    Destination Infinity

  6. You are so right, Rachna! I was thinking "yes" and nodding all the way through. I think you covered everything pretty well, as far as what writing has taught me. It's also taught me to be observant -- of everything: people, locations, all of it might go into a story or book one day. :-)

  7. Awesome. My neck is sore from all my nodding during this post. You summed it up well--and yet we still press forward, eh?

  8. I had fun reading your post yet again.
    Writing is so much about exploring ourselves and I am not surprised that I get to understand my feelings after reading what I write :D


  9. Writing has definitely taught me patience. And to avoid placing limitations on anything, especially when it comes to what I or my work can achieve.

  10. I agree with all of them. I think most of us, when we first began, underestimated how hard it would be. And after years of writing, we still do.

  11. Great list. They all feel very familiar.

  12. hehe, I love your fun post, Rachna. Thanks for the chuckle.

  13. Uh-huh! This was a super post and I think we all agree here that you speak for all of us! Ha. Loved reading it.

  14. Its funny how we have to write when we have to write. I get up at all crazy hours to write, then go back to sleep.

    When it hits, you have to commit it to your MS or risk losing it.

  15. This is a great list. Writing has taught me so much too. It really is a journey, isn't it? Had to laugh at the one about the money. My husband and I joke often about the lack of income from all my writing. :)

    Have a great week!

  16. This is a really great list, Rachna! I think I'd have to agree with everyt single point and I'm sure a lot of other writers would too:)

  17. I think the biggest thing it has taught me is perseverance in the face of rejection...and that everyone has their own personal tastes. Just because one person doesn't care for a piece of writing, doesn't mean thousands of others won't fall in love with it!

  18. Love your post. I can surely relate! Especially to torturing characters... but all for the development of their growth. And paychecks... well, still believing the digits will grow! Thick skin? Sometimes I get a little cocky and do let it grow thin, but it builds up again. :) Writer’s Mark

  19. Fantastic post. Writing is a special craft that's part of our lives.