Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Boredom

B is for boredom. Yes, we writers do experience boredom, especially when we are reading books that are less than mediocre. Books that have managed to hit the shelves but border on the periphery of dullness bore us to tears.

I recently read a book that had pages (yes, not paragraphs, but pages) of exposition and lots of back-story as well as descriptions as dull as ditch water (this similie was to show you that the writer wrote many such similies in the book). There was so much of telling a reader and not showing the reader that I was bored to tears.

The descriptions were so dull that many descriptions were putting me to sleep. Though boredom crept in big time I had to read the book till the end because I had to review it for the newspaper.

I promised myself that I will try to write books that don’t put my readers to sleep. What about you all? Has any book bored you to tears or made you sleep? How do you manage to read a boring book?

Note: this is my post for the A to Z Challenge. My theme is Emotions and Feelings writers experience.

Today, is also IWSG day. I am combining both the posts. IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group) founded by Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh, is a support group for writers, where we talk of our writing insecurities and help and support each other. We post on the first Wednesday of every month.

One of my biggest writing insecurities is fear of boring readers to death. Gosh, that would kill me. I have read so many books where I have died of boredom. I would hate to do that to my readers. I keep telling my crit partners, that when you read my manuscript, wherever you feel bored let me know. Or wherever the pace has slowed down.

Is boring readers with your books a insecurity for you?


  1. I like backstory and long descriptions more than most, but I can be bored sometimes. My crit partners are always cutting out my exposition. Sometimes I wonder if I only do that to give them something to complain about. Not that my writing is expert . .

    Knowing what you don't like helps you write what you do like.

    Have a good week Rachna.

  2. A very apt question, Rachna! Whether a book, or a story, the contents have to be interesting so that the reader gets value for time and money( if spent)... :)

  3. I do worry about boring my readers, so I'm conscious of what descriptions/expositions I add to my stories. I tend to be on the lean side of them in early drafts and have to add more, so the story is clearer.

    I've tried reading books that bore me, but I must admit if it's boring me, then I will either skip the boring parts or not finish the book. Life's too short to read boring books. Of course, most of the boring books I read are non-fiction. A story, even a long-winded one, can still usually entertain me more than dry facts.

  4. Hi Rachna! Stopping by to say thanks for checking out my blog, and to do the same to yours! I SO fear boring my readers so much that I hack and slash exposition and description as if I'm taming a series of overgrown bushes. If you're aware of what can bore readers, though, I doubt you'll bore your readers one tiny bit!

  5. When I hit a point in a book like that, I usually end up putting the book down for good.

  6. You hit the nail on the head. Boredom is a huge issue. I do fret over boring my readers, and struggle to try and make thigns as entertaining as possible. On the other hand, when I read something boring, I think, well, if they can get this junk published, then so can I:) Always looking for the brightside;)

  7. I also fear that my writing could cause boredom. It's one thing if the reader is simply not into the genre you are writing in but if it's supposed to be something they like and they can't bare to continue... I'm sure that would be the nightmare of any writier.

  8. I am always light on description, because pages of the stuff bore me. LOTR are great books, but when I read them the second time, I skimmed. A lot.

  9. A lot of books have boring sections in them. I have learned to recognise those parts and skim them until I get to a good bit.

    Moody Writing

  10. Greetings human, Rachna,

    I've every confidence that you would never put your readers to sleep. Your emotive theme, my dear human friend, is one I embrace.

    Ah yes, the "IWSG" aka "I Was Seeking Gary", as my delusional, fictional human, Gary, would have you believe:)

    Keep writing with the passion you so clearly express. You see, I read your post and I didn't fall asleep :)

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

  11. I don't thank it's to much to ask for a writer to write a book that doesn't put us to sleep.
    There are so many books on my TBR list, if a book doesn't capture me in three chapters, I put it down. Life's to short.

  12. I hate skimming, but sometimes I do it until a book gets good. Otherwise, I put the book down.

  13. Yes, I have a tendency to be repetitive in dialogue, which is annoying and could be boring - I have to have a proofreader or beta reader tell me, because I'll miss those repeats unless I read it out loud.

  14. I no longer finish every book I start reading. Life is too short and there are too many great books to enjoy.

  15. Hi friends..boredom is my biggest fear/worry as well as pet peeve. I hope I can keep it far away while writing my books.

  16. No, I don't worry about bothering readers. Every book has the right audience. I love books that other readers dislike and this applies to what I write too.
    So as long as I enjoy reading what I write I know somebody else will enjoy it too...