Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Elation

E is for Elation. Acceptance in any form, whether it is a story, poetry, limerick or a haiku that has been short-listed for a competition or has won a prize, makes us feel elated. When my story won the critique's prize in a competition, I was elated for several days. When our books are published, or when we have signed the contract that takes us closer to our dreams, we are elated beyond words.

Sometimes, even when we reach the end of our story, we feel elated. Every draft and revision makes us elated as every writing goal achieved is a milestone. 

I feel elated especially when my world-building is going well and if I have had a good writing day. I also feel elated when my readers connect with my features and stories.

What makes you feel elated? Is it when the writing is going exceptionally well? Or is it when you are inching closer to your publishing dream? Or is it when you win some competition?

Note: this is my post for the A to Z Challenge. My theme is Emotions and Feelings writers experience.


  1. There are always a reason for a good person like you to be elated. Hope many things hereafter can also take you the same way to be elated.

  2. From getting an interesting idea, through drafting and submission to seeing it published, writing gives us plenty of opportunity for elation.

  3. I'm no where close to being a professional writer. But as a blogger what has me elated is being able to elicit a response from readers. They may agree with your point of view or differ completely - but being able to strike an insightful conversation with the reader gives me a high, as does any form of feedback :)

  4. So you are a part of this challenge. Great.
    Yes, I feel elated when I have a good writing day!
    Read your previous post on depression too. Your words are powerful and inspiring, Rachna.

  5. What makes you feel elated? Is it when the writing is going exceptionally well? Or is it when you are inching closer to your publishing dream? Or is it when you win some competition?

    All of the above! I also feel elated when I'm introduced to some new physical or emotional element in my life via sensation. Whether it be traveling to the next town over, grabbing a cup of coffee at a diner and talking with a stranger--OR going to a new country I've never visited and learning about its culture--being introduced to new things, people and senses always provides me with new inspiration and fodder for writing :)

  6. I always feel elated when I complete a manuscript. And when I get an email from a reader.

  7. I agree with Patsy. Writing makes me feel elated at different stages. Thinking of an idea, letting it unravel in our minds, writing the story or poem down, polishing it, and having it accepted...
    Reading our readers' feedback and learning how we touch people in different ways elates me.

  8. I'm elated when I finish that awful first draft. Then the fun can begin.

  9. What a great word for E. Congrats on your story prize, I can imagine that was a great feeling! I know I will be elated when I can finally write "the end" on my WIP.

  10. I love your theme. We writers certainly do deal with a variety of feelings and emotions.
    I am always elated when I receive positive feedback on my writing and well expressed reviews on my book.

  11. I'd much rather spend time being elated than depressed. Writing 1,000 words is enough to get me doing a happy dance.

  12. Elated is a positive feeling. I <3 this! yes I really think we should all be elated rather than depressed.
    I try to work through the negative to find any and all positives, no matter how small. There was a time where I couldn't see any positive. So I am making my priority to stay positive.

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z Challenge
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  13. When my mind is at peace and the chattering monkeys quieten. It's nice to follow and connect

  14. Hi human, Rachna,

    My human feels elated just knowing that our discreet writing in the blogging background has stirred many emotions. We write for therapy and if it reaches empathy and elation, that's a pawsitive result.

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

  15. I feel elated when I know I've done my best, and the feedback on my work reflects that. I feel good when the writing flows smoothly, or when I'm able to solve the problems with it, without tearing my hair out.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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  16. Congrats on winning that story prize!
    I've experienced many moments of elation along this journey... it's filled with ups and downs... a roller coaster experience for sure...
    Writer In Transit