Friday, October 30, 2015

Sharing a few of my writing quotes

Thank you for all your wishes. They pepped me up big time.

I am slowly limping back into my writing and blogging. My over stressed brain needs some time to come up with blogging topics. That’s why I decided to give it a little rest and resorted to cheating.

I made a small list of a few of my writing related Tweets and am sharing them with you.

A book a day keeps boredom away! Invade a bookstore as soon as possible!!

Write what you love to read!

Create a character that readers will love and want to get to know better and hang out with!

Write the first draft as though no one will read it, edit the final draft as though everyone will read it!

Show your support to an author by buying their book/s to read and gift them to others!

A writer's pick up line : "wanna get bookish with me?"

Is reading a book by an unknown/unheard author like going on a blind date?

The most wasted day of a writer's life is the one in which we haven't written or thought about our story!

Writing a book is dreaming with the eyes open!

Stories give the readers a glimpse into the writer's mind!

Writing prompts are yoga for the mind!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my writing Tweets. Let me know which are your favourite writing quotes.


  1. Writing prompts are yoga for the mind - this is my favorite. Arts are important because it takes us away from the daily stresses and soothes our mind, so that we can handle stress better.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Great quotes. We can always use inspiration like these.

  3. Love the one about the blind date and the one about the wasted day. The yoga for the mind one made me laugh - I imagine my mind going all bendy and twisty. :)

  4. That pick up line is better than most. Definitely like the one about supporting authors by buying their book.
    Good to hear you're pepped up now!

  5. I like them all. I was a little captivated by that quote, "Writing a book is dreaming with the eyes open," but they are all nice reminders.

  6. I like finding quotes that just say something to you. The drafting and editing one is particularly on my mind at the moment.

  7. I love all of these. Especially dreaming with the eyes open.
    I'm sorry you were feeling down, Rachna, but glad you are better now. Take care!

  8. These are great, although the one that really resonated with me was your comment about an overstressed brain. When my brain gets overstressed, working on my book is nearly impossible and so that's when I like to read.

  9. I also like the one about writing prompts are yoga for the mind--no wonder I feel less stressed after playing with a writing prompt. It does loosen you up mentally! Thanks for all the quotes, a fun share :-)

  10. These are really great! Dreaming with my eyes open . . . I like that :)

  11. BIG ((HUGS)) Thank you for your kind words over on my blog, dear friend. I hope you feel better soon... It is tough to feel tied down to your blog because your readers keep you going, but it can become bittersweet and soon, a heavy burden.

    Please remember that we are your guests, not your masters. I was caught up in that whirlwind, though I feel bad for fading away for a handful of years, I still struggle to keep up--especially in commenting on others' blogs.

    I think it's being an author type of thing. We feel that we need to keep up with an image and if we don't, then our following becomes thinner. Double edged sword, says I. :)


  12. I've been finding how great books are to help deal with an overload of stress on mind and body. Escaping into a great story (whether reading or writing) is excellent therapy.

  13. Love these quotes! Sometimes, though, our brains need a day off to recharge and then we can come back to our stories that much stronger!

  14. These are all wonderful and I can relate. Thank you for sharing.