Friday, September 23, 2016

I Wish……..

I wish I had Hermione’s Time-Turner wherein I could keep turning it to get extra hours in a day. Extra hours in which I could read both books and blogs. My To Be Read pile is so high with books: both old and new, that it may bury me one day soon. And how many ever blogs I visit in a day, I know I have missed many blogs.

I wish I could clone myself so that each Rachna could work on one book. At this point of time my mind is swamped with 3 stories : a MG Mythological Fantasy with Indian Gods: Ganesha and Kartikeya. I have written around 15 chapters. Have gathered a 100 page research for it and my brain is working out the plotline.

The characters of a dark fantasy which I had abandoned a few years back at 21,000 words are jumping around in my mind, screaming for attention.

And from Monday another storyline: a love story has settled in my mind. Sigh. I badly need clones. If anyone has any idea how to create clones please let me know (Alex, If you are reading this (I know you are), please tell me how you manage to write those bestsellers of yours, create music and visit a zillion blogs and still have time to watch movies and keep yourself fit. I’m sure all of us will be eternally indebted to you.)

I wish I could come up with low calorie versions of my favourite food. All the foods I love are so high in calories: Brownies, Ice-creams, Chaat, Pakoras, Halwas, Pizzas, Cakes and Cookies.

I wish I could invent a machine which burns my calories while I am sleeping. That way I can sleep for an extra hour everyday instead of wearing out the soles of my shoes while jogging and walking early morning and picking up all kinds of allergies.

What do you all wish for yourselves?


  1. I manage because I do have a clone machine. Want to borrow it?
    Pizza is one of those foods you just don't think about the calories. Getting it with light cheese is about the only way to lower the calories. Plus no meat.

  2. I've been lobbying for a 40 hour day for years. I wish I had time for everything. Like exercising more so I don't feel bad about those calories.

  3. OMG, I totally need one of those time turners too! And I can't wait to read your latest ms :)

  4. I'll totally go with your wishes, Rachna! I've wished for these exact things myself!!! Good luck, and if you find a genie, let me know!

  5. I have just discovered chaats and halwas from this post. They look interesting. I'm young yet, so my metabolism serves me well.

  6. I second your wishes.
    Sounds like you and your muse have some great stories waiting to be told.
    Alex is amazing.

  7. Clones sound like a good idea. Having too many ideas is a nice problem in a way, though! Hope you manage to get on top of them!

  8. I am Not sure how Alex does it all....he has super powers. Clones would be good but I'm certain you will find the right direction.