Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Invisible Hand Guiding Our Writing

This  post is inspired by a  comment made by my blog and writing mentor Lia Keyes.  

Here is her comment  on my post  Ganesha’s Symbolism for  Writers  “What a lovely idea, Rachna, to tie your spiritual beliefs to your writing. I do think that writers who stop trying to direct their writing from a factual place within themselves and instead listen to a higher source, as though taking dictation, tend to end up with a more soulful end result that moves readers more deeply.

Lia’s comment resonates with me. Because I  too believe that  we have an Invisible Hand Guiding our  Writing  from a far off place. Sometimes the stories our dictated to us. At other times key points are whispered into our ears so that we are able to build a story based on that.  Actually if we come down to it where do we get our ideas and thoughts from.  There has to be a larger source of ideas  from where we tap our story ideas. The reservoir of ideas  I believe is  held by the power who controls us. We may call it by different names.

This super power is  not only responsible for our ideas but also whispers in our ears to work on those ideas. He gives us the patience and dedication and infuses in us the passion to pursue our dream. Have you noticed how from a basic seed (germ  of an idea) we are able to weave tales of  hundred odd pages, add all kinds of characters, write thousands of words that make a huge impact on our readers. Whenever we are weighed down by  pressure, something or the other is always there to ease our burden. When we are plumbing the depths of despair, in a strange but surprising way a  small good news drops into our laps. It could be a critic partner’s fabulous feedback, a blog award,  news about a manuscript or story we had sent somewhere. This Invisible Hand is always quick to brush away our tears.

 Its this Invisible Hand  that sweeps away the Writer’s Block that  crops up at frequent intervals in our lives. At those times when we  are stuck, he is responsible for the AHA moments that help us in crossing the big hurdles.

Its always God’s subtle hand that sees us creating  anything beautiful.  Many writers see  glimpses of their stories in dreams.  Others have visions where their characters come to life. The Muse who I consider God’s messenger for Scribes carries the messages to our brains. Any thing of beauty  has God’s hand behind it: at times supporting the effort, at other times urging us along and  many times holding us when we fall.

Several times when I am stuck big time I have seen that Invisible Hand coming to my rescue in different ways. Maybe a conversation  with a friend helps in untangling the plot, sometimes while watching a movie  my story unravels in my mind. Many times story ideas pop into my mind when I least expect it. Something I see on the road motivates me to change my character’s behaviour or goal.      
What about the Invisible Hand Guiding your Stories? How have you felt that divine presence? Will you share your experiences with us?


  1. For me, that experience comes when I'm not looking for it. The half-consciousness between dreaming and waking, for instance, or when my mind is wandering (in the shower, lying on my back in tall grass watching clouds, floating). It also happens, oddly enough, when I'm writing. I set off down one path, thinking that I know where I'm going with the story, when a bit of dialogue pops out of a character's mouth and I pull up short and ask him "Where did THAT come from?"

  2. What a lovely post. I agree, Lia: When your writing comes from a deeper place, it resonates more deeply with readers. I've also had the experience of being surprised as I write. Some of my characters arrive in a story and I have no idea how I thought them up, though, I find they make the story work. I agree, Rachna, that the "muse" is a messenger from deep deep within, a source that's spiritual, and not just cerebral.

  3. I've always believed that inspiration comes from a higher place. My first book was written almost entirely in that vein.


  4. My writing is enhanced in every way by divine guidance from the Lord. Apart from that, I am and can do nothing.

  5. I believe only God give me the inspiration and the gift to write:) Hope it shows in my work.

  6. Yep I'm definitely guided by God. He has given me the talent and the passion and even the words.

  7. Lia...for me too that experience comes when I am not looking for it.

    Elizabeth..I always feel that the muse or inspiration is more spiritual than cerebral.

    Jai..my current book is written completely like that. Everytime I was and am stuck some strange force removes me from that knotty situation and propels me forward.

    Karen...I love that attitude that I am nothing and I can do nothing without divine guidance.

    Terri....What a lovely thought, that God gives us the inspiration and the gift to write.

    Lynda..When the talent, passion and even the words come from God our writing definitely becomes soulful

  8. Rachna, not only do I have this same experience, I believe you you spoke with Him while you wrote this blog. It reads like a beautiful, heartfelt prayer of thanks. Personally, I don't think I could write what I do without Him and I can tell when He's in my pen. Writing becomes so joyful.

  9. You know I do pray before I write, and especially before I begin any new project. I want to feel good about the words I put down on the page. That being said, I don't write for the choir. I try and write redemptive stories that outline the human struggle in some way.

  10. This is really insightful... I am not a novelist so I definitely don't see stories in my dreams but I definitely believe that God inspires writers.

  11. Hello Rachna,
    I totally understand the hand of god situation.. I love this Rachna.. Like what Lia said as well.. This happens with ideas all the time.. images and sound.. not just with writing... smiles have great day today..