Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Advertisement to Sell a Muse

This post idea has been nicked from my writer friend and blog buddy Ellie Garrat. I had really enjoyed Ellie’s post last week  and had decided then and there that I would borrow her idea, or better still get inspired by it.

Our muses can indeed be troublesome. They are also people we desperately need in our lives. Our muse has the ability to irritate us and can be a sadist at times,  he/she loves to  put  us through all kinds of torture. When it comes to inspiration and great ideas we writer are willing to undergo every kind of  suffering for it.

 I would never ever sell my muse; even if my life depended on it. Okay, he does trouble me and we have a rocky relationship, but what the hell, I chose to be in this writer-muse relationship. I am fiercely possessive of my muse. He can be a darling at times. Gentle like a lamb. Generous to a fault.

But, if ever I was forced to sell  my muse for some  strange, unexplainable reason, then ….here is what my advertisement would read:
 “ Muse for sale. Is immensely talented; has the potential of  genius; but, has never developed that skill as yet. Needs to be handled with care, as  he is prone to mood swings. Has thrown few tantrums. Though he believes in loyalty, he has a roving eye, and  sometimes does the disappearing act. Can be extremely generous and  lovey-dovey. Believes in lot of P.D.A’s.  Is a master of disguises. Is extremely goodlooking, computer trained, can work magic on  computer and with pen and paper. Most of his ideas are awesome and he has earned the respect of his peers.”

 Price  on request. 

Now, tell me, if you were selling your muse, what would your ad be? How would you describe your muse? I am waiting to read every one’s ad. I am sure the answers will be fun.

P.S : This is just a fun piece and I hope I am not offending anyone. We all deserve a break from all the serious topics we have been tackling. I have the highest regard for every muse; mine and other writers. If I have hurt the sentiment of any muse, I sincerely apologize, as muses are a writer’s oxygen. God forbid, if a muse and a writer were to part ways.


  1. Great idea, Rachna.

    My ad would read as:

    " For sale, a second hand muse, hasn't prooven his worth, needs to be goaded into working, has a tendency to be idle. Craves attention and is demanding."

  2. Rachna, I have always felt your strong presence on Blogyul, you are help a lot of us in keeping our pens open at all times,
    Interestingly, now you are tempting us to try and sell our Muse... crazily interesting. I am yet to think of an Ad for mine.
    Thanks for being among us!

  3. I doubt if there can be any price for a muse.And your muse sure is lucky to have you.You sure are not offending sensibilities here....in fact, I loved your description.....Who is the lucky one?

  4. haha I love your ad. I'd be happy to swap muses ;)

  5. LoL, this is a cute post! It sure would be cool if we could temporarily switch muses with other writers, wouldn't it? I wonder what we'd all come up with at the mercy of another's muse!

  6. hi, Rachna, this is a cute idea. My ad would read, "Shy, but loyal. Sensitive when neglected. Ever ready with new ideas. Gently nags. Perhaps too gently. Could be a little more insistent. Never says 'I told you so,' when ideas prove their worth."

  7. @ Meera...loved your ad :)

    @ Passu....its nice to be a part of Blogyul. I should thank Sogyel for adding me.

    @ Alka....I am lucky to have my muse. He is naughty and sweet; a funny combination. Will tell you later who he is ;)

    @ Lynda....I am ready to swap muses. Just tell me when ;)

    @ Laura....I am sure we writers would do a good job if and when we swap muses.

    @ Elizabeth...I am definitely going to borrow your muse. I promise to return it back ;)

  8. Everyone's muse is different, but fortunately for me, mine is my wife:)

  9. I enjoyed reading this, Rachna. Most delightful! I've never been clever; never been good with this sort of thing. But I love reading what you and others come up with. (I guess my muse would be my memories of a long life.)
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  10. You and your muse! I loved reading this, Rachna.

  11. So cute, Rachna!! My (five) children inspire and tire me... maybe some day I'll turn all the inspiration into something tangible! Oh, they are way too expensive to part with. ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my extremely neglected blog!!!

  12. My muse is life itself, with all its vagaries, predictable and unpredictable tendencies. Its challenges, love, adventures, horrors, little moments, gifts, pain, sadness, loneliness, anger, bitterness, peace and forgiveness....its unfathomable depths. Its rollercoaster rides, that leave me laughing, crying, screaming and often totally out of breath...but totally in love with it! NOT FOR SALE EVER!

  13. Very interesting article Rachana!
    If I were to sell my muse the ad would say "NOT FOR SALE".
    And would allow every individual who wants to buy my muse make his/her own story about it.

  14. Wonderful: a lighthearted, even funny, post that hides a deep question.

    I don't know how I can describe my muse except to say that he, she or it is one of life's ultimates. Like the ultimate deity, completely hidden, incognito, even its processes are invisible to mortal eyes.

  15. Yes I found Ellie's post and left my ad for my muse there. It's a fun idea. I wonder if there's a short story or a novella in there somewhere about a writer and her muse?
    There's a blog award over at mine for you :O)

  16. Lol my muse would kick my ass if I thought to sell her. :-D

  17. :) My muse accompanies me at my good times like I am hanging out with friends, watching a movie or reading book ( he turns out to be very funny while sleepy lecture) and also during bad times like storm , Bad internet, power cut....How can I sell him :(.

  18. I couldn't sell my muse, it would be like cutting off my right arm. And then how would I write?

  19. Rachana,

    You are hilarious!

    You have really got me thinking...

    I don't have a muse! :O

  20. Haha! How cute! Hmm, I've never thought of selling my muse. She is too clingy. ;)